Bus galore

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Vinny's POV

I got Y/n to the bus and opened the door for her god I love her but nevermind "CHRIS" "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT VINCET" "first of all do NOT call me Vincent ever and secondly is it ok if Y/n tags along on tour with us?" "It's fine as long as you two don't cause to much trouble I think we're good" "we won't I promise" "k well we have one spare bunk which is under Vinc- sorry Vinny's bunk and it's next to Ricky's bunk so yeah" I showed Y/N her bunk and then showed her the whole bus and were she can and can't go and then we play video games because I bought some because I thought I was going to DIE, ok well maybe not actually die but you know what I mean, soon enough Y/n was asleep with her head in my lap and me stroking her hair, I swear to god everyone thinks we're dating, I wish, I hope one day we will, I hope one day I'm married to her and we have kids, omg Vinny your just being plain creepy now stop, I thought to myself, I wonder what her lips feel like when there pressed against mine...

A/n: yayyyyyy I finally make another part sorry it's short but my wrist hurts it's late I'm tired so sorry buy hopefully the next part will be better😜😝😛😍😘😗😙😋😋

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