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*** Partly inspired by a one year stay in the beautiful islands of Hawai'i. Enjoy.  ***

To my dearest readers:

I love you! Never doubt that a second. I appreciate every read, vote, follower and comment, even if I sometimes seem distant or am too busy to reach out and say thank you individually.

This story was inspired by my 14 month stay in Hawaii, specifically in the city of Honolulu on O'ahu. It rocked. When I started thinking about the characters, I knew I had to revisit these beautiful islands for Beth and Russell's journey. I hope you enjoy it!

Also, a word about advertisements while reading with the app.:

I am officially participating in Wattpad Futures, a new program that helps writers make money through in-story ads. So, if you start seeing ads in between the chapters of my stories, know that the majority of the revenue they generate allows me to continue doing what I love — write stories to inspire and entertain the Wattpad community.

I am also thrilled to announce that my newest romance, The 12 Dares of Christmas (a hot and steamy holiday story to keep you warm at night!) is now available on Amazon!

All sales support me and my family and help me continue to write stories you love!

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All sales support me and my family and help me continue to write stories you love!

And...if you love Two Tickets to Paradise, I will begin posting One Drop of Golden Sun, the sequel featuring Beth's sister Ray, here on Wattpad. Be sure to put it in your library to see the updates! ((hugs))

Thank you,

Leigh W. Stuart

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