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"You, um," Hanbin started as they pulled into his parents' front garden. "You look... Nice."

Tinashe looked across the vehicle to him. It was the only thing apart from him constantly muttering, 'Shit, where is this place again?' that Hanbin had uttered the whole drive.

"Thanks?" she said back, opening her mouth to tell him he doesn't have to be weird about anything but she was silenced by Hanbin's mother swinging the door open.

The woman smiled with her eyes and Tinashe took her hand and was lead out of the car before Hanbin even stepped foot on the pebbles beneath his tires. His parents loved her so much that they keep blowing up his phone even more times than Tinashe knows of. And it made him smile a little bit.

"Good evening, my daughter-in-law," Hanbin heard and smelled the cologne that all lingered around his father, causing his smile to fade and his throat to let out groan, following with his eyes rolling automatically. "Son," his father nodded as he neared the car that Hanbin was considering driving off a cliff as he neared.

"Father," he leaned back in his seat, fixing his cuffs, paying no mind to the graying man.

Hanbin's father held onto the roof of the car and hung his head low to speak to his boy in their native language.

"So, how're those wedding plans going?" he smiled nicely but Hanbin felt uncomfortable under his gaze so he coughed and put his leg out, which caused the man to move as he took a step from his dark vehicle.

"She's my girlfriend. I never mentioned an engagement," Hanbin deadpanned, his arms crossing and eyes sweeping the ground. Why did he suddenly wish he brought Tinashe in as his fiancée?

"That's a shame," Mr Kim turned the corners of his lips down. "She's changing you. You're nicer."

Hanbin watched his father turn to enter his house before he turned on the last step. "It's a good thing, you know. Keep her."

"It's a good thing, you know. Keep her," Hanbin mocked childishly under his breath as he slammed his door closed, making his way up the staircase with a scowl etched into his face.


"Hanbin?" Tinashe chirruped.

"Yeah, b— Tinashe?" he mentally slapped himself. He had almost called her babe. That would have been a thing that no explanation would fit well behind.

"When are you gonna marry me?" Tinashe rested her head on the table and looked to the man who had his glass to his lips.

His eyes began to water in their corners as he put the glass down, coughing to steady his voice. "What?"

"You're mom told me to ask you," Tinashe shrugged as she looked forward to the empty table. "So I am."

Hanbin's parents had to answer a business call so Tinashe was asking before she forgot.

Hanbin's cheeks burned, both from Tinashe's fingers absentmindedly wrapped around his fingers and the alcohol he was chugging back because the fact that her hands turned him on made him feel like such a dirty person.

He slipped his hand from Tinashe's grip and put his sweaty palms onto his trousers.

"Um," he coughed again. "It depends. Do you want to continue school? Get a job? Or just stay at home?"

"I've kinda always wanted to finish school and then get a job and then married," she hummed. "I didn't imagine any of it being with you but hey."

Hanbin swallowed another whole glass of wine and he scratched his head. "A university," he coughed. "You'd have to start university. You're put down as twenty going twenty one, remember?"

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