Don't Let Me

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'prettyoddsoul: thisisryanross should totally notice me'

'behindtheceelia: wonder what thisisryanross is up to these days...'

'houseofryan: i feel like thisisryanross has my twitter muted..'

This one.

Write a reply to houseofryan:

'houseofryan you're not important enough to have muted'

This should be interesting.

* * *

*News Headline*

Musician Ryan Ross Under Investigation After Teen Commits Suicide

'19 year old Hallie Watson of Seattle, WA commits suicide following tweet from musician Ryan Ross on Friday, August 26.

"Hallie was a huge fan of Ryan [Ross]," says Watson's mother, Patricia Watson about the incident. "[She] was pretty much dedicated to the man. She followed him on all social medias and she even had recently gotten the same tattoos he has on his wrists tattooed on her ankles because they held a deep meaning to her. I don't see how someone could be so heartless as to make someone, probably their biggest fan, feel like they weren't important. Makes me sick..."

Ross is now under investigation, charged with encouraging suicide, and will be tried later this month...'

*Three weeks later...*

Music Manager Shane Morris, former manager of solo musician Ryan Ross, found guilty: charged with Encouraging Suicide following death of 19 Seatlle, WA native, Hallie Watson...

* * *

*POV: Brendon Urie*


"Yeah, babe?"

"Could you come down here, please?"

I finished editing some of the newest lyrics I had been working on before closing my notebook and heading downstairs to meet my wife in the kitchen. "What is it, Sar?"

Sarah looked up at me from where he phone rested in her hands, her eyes glossed over like she was going to cry but couldn't force herself to. "Come here, Bren."

I furrowed my brows as I walked over to her and sat at the bar stool opposite her. "What's going on?"

"Did you hear about what's going on with Ryan?"

I raised an eyebrow as I looked over at her. Sure, Ryan and I were back on speaking terms, but I hadn't heard anything from him in a couple of months, and it was unlike Sarah to bring him up to me for any reason. "No," I said, slowly shaking my head. "What's happened?"

She took a deep breath and set her phone down, taking my hands in hers. "You know how--" she started slowly, most likely trying to find thee best way to explain. "You know how Ryan doesn't really get onto his social media accounts much? And if it shows him to be on his Facebook it's usually his ex-manager, Shane ... Morris, I think?"

I nearly groaned at the mention of that bastard's name. I nodded my head gently, as did she before continuing to speak.

"There was an incident," she spoke softly. "Apparently, Shane also had the passwords to Ryan's other social medias." She stopped, looking up at the ceiling and blinking back tears. "He logged onto his Twitter, and responded to some girl who had posted a tweet about Ryan, and basically said that she wasn't worth the time of day to Ryan or anyone else."

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