Chapter 41: A New Era Of Peace

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"You know...I've never been asked that question. Because everyone in the kingdom knew exactly what I would say. She's a psychotic maniac who will bleed for no one but have everyone bleed for her. The sacrifices she makes are only to her gain, never for the rest of the family's or kingdom's. It always ate me up inside, knowing that no matter how powerful I was, she would always be stronger. Knowing that there was no possible way that, that monster could ever feel any emotions to her own daughter." They sounded similar, her mother, and Deigil's. But there was always something pushing her mother back, while Deigil's didn't care, and just pushed forward with whatever plan there was no matter who she cut down in the process. She'd seen it when they would sit in on the plans for wars, the Shadowmount Queen never even once considered the citizens of her kingdom, or the destruction that could occur. The woman never once considered just how much death there would be. She looked over to the girl next to her, who couldn't lift her head from it's hanging position.

"The world was a cruel place, but as cruel as it may be, there is always the possibility for some light to shine through. There may be light and there may be dark, but there is always some possibility for the two to mix. Just look at me Deigil, I can use both magics even though it hurts most of the time to use the light, I am still able to wield it properly aren't I?" She still hung her head, maybe it wasn't such a good idea to bring it up. It could have waited, but Eredhelil always just wondered what might become of the past. Something cold and soft rubbed against her hand, she looked down to see the hand of her princess trembling. Eredhelil wrapped her other hand around Deigil's, she'd never seen her act this way before, so frightened.

"I just...I don't want to hurt anyone Ered. I'm afraid. I'm afraid of what might become of me if I do end up loosing control, if something happens to cause me to run off course. Will I become like her? Will I become like my mother? Or will I bring something new into this world that's worth fighting for?" Deigil still trembled, she tightened her grip on the girl, before taking a deep breath.

"Oh don't worry about that right now, or ever. You will always be yourself, and you cant help that Deigil. I know you...the cheery, fun loving, kind hearted girl I fell in love with. Nothing can take those traits away from you, no matter what happens." She leapt off of the bed, placing the music box back on the nightstand before pulling the raven haired girl off of the bed and spinning her towards the door. "Now you must be going, it's bad luck to see your bride before the wedding right?"

"Where did you hear that?" Deigil smirked and let out a small laugh.

"Oh just some history book I read from the royal library a long time ago. But still, you need to go get ready right? Go! Go!" She answered and pushed Deigil gently out of the room, kissing her before closing the door. Now came the really hard part, figuring out how to put on the dress properly. Eredhelil walked over to it and gawked at how gorgeously made it was, the fabric so magnificent that she couldn't believe she would be able to wear it. It belonged in a exhibit or something like that, the white cuts of fabric sewn so carefully as to not distort the fine art of it all. A knock on the door startled her, Eredhelil rushed over to open it, finding a group of six servants awaiting her.

"May we help you get queen?" All six of them spoke at the same time, the girls were so nice and sweet. She felt bad to have them help but...She looked back at the dress...She honestly had no clue as to how to put it on.

"Yes, thank you."


It was amazing, the amount of decorations and the amount of people. The plan for them was to get married without a huge celebration, but Deigil and Eredhelil really were going to have an amazing wedding. Meathil stood down in the crowd of people bellow the large balcony where the ceremony would be held. There was everyone here, people from the main palace village, to people from small villages no one had heard of before. The girls were dressed so finely, including herself, that they themselves probably could've passed off as royalty. They hadn't seen the mansion very much from the outside, but it was like a dream. It was in the early afternoon, the moons were just starting to appear in the pink sunset skies. She felt people push their way through the big crowds to get a better place to watch from. The frozen trees around them blanketed with snow, and the vast landscape that was their background was stunning. She couldn't keep her eyes off how positively marvelous the ceremony looked. She shuffled around her to keep with her bracket, even though some of them were not here yet. Pengeth stood in her lavender colored dress, her slim archer's body fitting perfectly into it. Othes was not far away from the fragile girl, the dress that draped along that girl's body made Meathil eye's widen. It was a shimmering golden color, to match the mage's hair. She couldn't help but smile when her vice captain turned her way, looking more or less like she was about to combust from embarrassment. Hyril wore a long eggplant dress with a large fur cape hooked onto her shoulder guards, which she never took off. Thennil stood next to the girl, and was wearing a white and gold dress, which complimented her jewelry perfectly. Hastel was in a blue gown, which only reached to her knees, but still looked just as elegant as the rest. Then there was Hatolel who wore a cute red dress with a large bow in her hair, just like something from a fairy tale. Finally she caught sight of Lengeth, who despite her disinterest in this sort of thing, happened to have the most expensive and well made gown in the crowd. It glistened with blue and green jewels and the fabric caught the light so perfectly you felt like she was a goddess. Her short red hair was nicely combed all the way back revealing her face, which is usually hidden. She and the rest couldn't help but stare when she came out to meet them, because honestly she had never seen anyone who was as stunning as Lengeth when they finally cleaned up.

"I guess I'm joining the party too." She turned around to see Rivornor. There was another man next to him with similar colored hair. He was tall, and his stature made her want to shrink a little bit. Intimidating to say the least, this man was definitely not one to trifle with. "Oh, I want you all to meet a good buddy of mine. This is Kadexo, I met him when I was training over in Shadowmount for a year." She didn't know he had been to Shadowmount, maybe he just didn't want to talk about it. Since training there might have been rough in general. The man walked over and bowed before us all, his hair covering his eyes slightly.

"Nice to meet you all, I look forward to getting to know everyone." He seemed like a decent guy, one that honestly she hoped would not cause them more trouble than he's worth. Rivornor looked up at the balcony as if he was desperately waiting for it to start. She wondered if he was nervous, because she sure was. She'd never been to anything as huge as this, not even the send off of all of the new captains was a huge.

"I can't wait till I get to see her in that dress, gosh it'll be amazing right?" He turned to her, his smile so bright it was almost a star. Her who? Deigil or Eredhelil? Well to be honest both of them would make for lovely brides, so it wouldn't surprise her if it was both he was talking about.

"I think it was be a spectacular sight to behold," Meathil insisted. She believed it whole heartedly that it would be amazing. In his eyes was something, something she couldn't put her finger on, but it was something that seemed to be telling everyone he was proud. And she didn't know why? But, she knew it didn't matter right now. There was a presence nearby, it made her feel happy and warm, Bellinil stood only a few feet away, but for some reason she felt like there was a warm hug surrounding her. The girl finally caught her looking that way, and smiled before speaking.

"I can't believe I get to see this, it is going to be one for the history books." The girl looked pleasant and happy, which was what they all felt. The sound of the horns played loudly, the crowd cheered, Rivornor whistled like a teenager, and her own heart leapt with excitement. They walked out so gracefully it was as if they were on walking on a cloud. Hand in hand Deigil and Eredhelil stepped out onto the balcony, their twin wedding gowns glowing a white light in the slight moonlight. They looked so happy, each glance given to one was returned by the other, and with each one both of their faces lit up with wonder. How long had they waited? How rough had it been for them? She wanted to know the answers some day, but today was about the now. And the now, was them creating a new world. Syson came out after them, his uniform dazzling with the royal gems and colors. Usually a marriage was performed by the queen at the time, and the queen at the time would cortinate the new one. But...that kinda wasn't an option here, so the most trusted royal guard was appointed to do it. He held out the wedding rings on a pure white fur pillow, they were matching and both had the royal colors of Ostwyn and Shadowmount in them. Two small twins, a boy and a girl, both dressed in white and blue stepped out, each holding a crown. One for the king, and one for the queen, but now they were equal. He began reading the vows. It was a long, long process, but was all worth the wait.

"Now, Deigil Aldrilris Shadowmount do you promise to protect, and to cherish your parter and spouse for as long as you both shall live?" She watched as the words came out of the girls mouth.

"I do."

"And do you, Eredhelil Adini Ostwyn, promise to protect and cherish you parter and her wishes for as long as you both shall live?" It was incredible, much pure hearted energy flowed through the village, the kingdom.

"I do."

"With that I pronounce you wife and wife, you may kiss your bride." She saw it, the way they looked before kissing. The passion that happened when they kissed, and the tears that welled up in Rivornor's eyes. Even she was about to cry, it was beautiful, and wonderful. "Before you all have your special party afterwards..." Syson winked, and they all knew what he meant. "We must crown the queens right?" Deigil smiled and Eredhelil clutched her wife's hand tightly. They both kneeled on their knees before having the crowns placed upon their heads. "Now if you would recite the oath." I perfect synchronization they spoke.

"As the new queens of Ostwyn we swear to treat it's people and citizens as equals, to protect and hold dear the traditions and nature of the kingdom, and to ensure safety to all who live in it. We hereby promise to uphold our position as queens, respectfully and righteously." Those words made the kingdom cheer, it was something crazy to imagine. But she felt like she could hear the whole kingdom, and she was cheering with them. Looking around there were so many people, so many tears, and when she looked at Rivornor and Kadexo, they both were crying too. It was...breathtaking.

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