Chapter 41: A New Era Of Peace

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She wrote back to Gharil and told her of the situation, thankfully Meathil brought her the letter before the new day started. was the day that she'd dreamed of for years. Deigil was with the servants helping them with decorations and food preparations, more like secretly snacking her way through the day. Eredhelil made sure to tell her before hand not to eat too much because there would be a cake tonight, or course with those words her fiancé bounced up and down with joy. Such a sweets fanatic, but that was okay. She wished the Valoor Queen would've been able to come, but the wedding was today, and travel that fast was not available. She wondered if word already got out to the other kingdoms about the wedding, she was sure it had because there were already wedding gifts arriving for them. One from Gharil, one from the Eriness Queen, and one from the Venus Queen which was a large shock. The gifts were so extravagant that they had been placed under guard for their value.

Eredhelil got up from her desk and walked around the room, the golden sheen of the bed spread glistening carefully as she moved around it to the night stand. There was a small wooden box that was engraved with black metal and painted a cream color, it was the first gift she ever received from Deigil. A small music box, that when opened created a orchestra of sound that filled the room. She hadn't been able to open it for the past few years, for shame, or for worry. She had been so worried...she remembered how much her heart hurt when Deigil was out of reach. Rivornor was okay, and that made her glad too. He was much more of a friend to her back when they were supposed to get married, always consulting her on her studies. She rubbed the box, her fingers bumping over the metal work. She glanced at the beautiful ring on her left hand, and smiled to herself. I did it...we are at peace she thought, for the moment at least they were. She sat on the cushiony bed and opened up the music box...the melody so warming to her heart...their song. Eredhelil placed the open box to her heart and laid back on the bed, her hair sprawling all over the sheets as she closed her eyes envisioning it. A family...somehow...they would find out how to have children. A new kingdom, a fixed healed one. And a new palace to help those who needed it, it was all coming into view. She breathed in deeply, ice crystals in the air swirling in her lungs, then sighed. When she opened her eyes she saw one golden eye and one red eye looking at her from above. Her heart leapt as she felt her body freeze up.

"Im back! And I brought chocolates!" Deigil exclaimed, not even noticing that she nearly scared the living daylight out of her fiancé. Eredhelil slowly got up from her laying position into a cross legged one. "Here, it's supposed to be the best one out of the batch." She felt a small dessert be placed in her hand, it looked gorgeous with the cream frozen over the small chocolate. "Try it." She took a small bite and her mouth was filled with the sweet rich taste of the creamy chocolate that slowly melted in her mouth.

"Wow...they really outdid themselves," she said with a full mouth before shoving the rest of the sweet in there too. "Wait, Deigil how much have you eaten today?" She saw the girl look away with guilty eyes before turning back to her and smiling brightly.

"Oh not that much! I can still eat more!" Deigil giggled, her face lighting up with joy. Eredhelil couldn't help but laugh at how much Deigil was trying to sell that lie to her.

"Of course you can...hey, tell me, what really do you think of your mother?" The subject was touchy, it was touchy for the both of them. Nothing really made sense to her, she didn't know why the Shadowmount Queen was so messed up. Her mother had been abusing her power, and let it completely engulf her, thus it ended in her becoming consumed with hate. She didn't know everything, and didn't need to know, but something told her that there was more to the story than what Deigil was letting on. The look on the girl's face was blank, like she didn't know how to respond to the question. The silence crept up on them until it filled the room, it made he feel uneasy, like something detrimental could happen at any moment.

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