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Mee Soyi

I rush out and into my truck.

I let out terrified whimpering as I close my door and lock it.

This is what I get for being nice.

I notice my ramen sitting on the counter where I left it.

Cold...and all the soup was soaked into the noodles.

"Ugh, you know what. I lost my appetite. I'm going to bed." I stomp to my bed.

I hate it when things get in the way with me and food.


I wake up to the sound of sizzling...and the smell of barbeque?

I run to the bathroom to clean up. I run back out and peek out my window.

Suga was outside his camper with a little grill. He was roasting sausages and beef.

I'll be honest, my mouth started watering.

"Good morning, darling. You like the view?" Suga says, without taking a glance away from the meat.

I gasp and sink down the wall.

"Don't hide, I like your presence." He speaks up again.

I shut my curtains and begin to change.

"You shouldn't close your curtains when you're getting ready. That's just rude." His voice bellows through my closed curtains.

"That's NOT gonna get you anywhere, Sugar!" I yell back.

"Don't call me that!"

"Then stop calling me Darling!"


I finished changing and I go out for some fresh air.

I finished changing and I go out for some fresh air

"Hey, cool outfit." Suga looks at me and smiles. "Little too nice for outdoor activities?"

I roll my eyes at him.

"Hey, don't get mad. It's cute."

Even though he's a creepy perverted guy, he knows how to make a girl blush.

"Pay attention to your food! You'll burn this place down." I mutter while covering my face with my hair.

"Either way, I'm gonna burn this place down." He shrugs and continues cooking.

"What?!" I rush over and grab the spatula from his hand.

"What are you doing-"

"I'm not letting you ruin this camping trip! If you can't cook, don't start a fire!" I point the spatula at his face.

He laughs. "You can cook them, but you're not having any."

I scoff. "Screw this!"

I storm away.

"Enjoy your ramen!" He sticks out his tongue.

"I will!" I copy him.


I finished my bowl and threw it away.

"Hey, what's that smell-"


My smoke detector went off all of a sudden and I fall off my bed.

"What the-" I shriek.

There was smoke coming from outside. I take a pillow and fan the smoke away.

I go outside and see the meat next to the grill cooked perfectly, but the coal was still burning.

This boy, I swear.

"SUGA!!!" I ball up my fists and make my way to his camper.


I kick the door open and I walk in.

Suga was chilling in his dirty couch, looking at me with a smirk on his annoying face

Suga was chilling in his dirty couch, looking at me with a smirk on his annoying face.

"Suga! Do you not know how to open a door? Did you not hear my fire alarm? What kind of IDIOT doesn't make sure there's anymore smoke after grilling!?" I walk closer and closer while gritting my teeth. "And don't leave meat outside! You could attract wild animals....Or MORE PEOPLE!"

Suga just keeps smiling while watching me with stupid amusement.

Seriously, he doesn't even need to talk to make me more annoyed.

"UGH!" I stomp my foot and turn around.

"Wait, Soyi." Suga gets up and runs after me.

I try to open the door, but it won't open.

"You need to fix your doorknob! Maybe go and then come back to a different camping spot." I wiggle the door.

"Don't be so harsh." Suga gently pushes me away and tries to open the door.

He wiggles the door, but it wouldn't budge open.

"Stop messing around. I'm hungry!" I cross my arms.

"I'm not messing around. You probably broke my door! And..." He turns towards me. "Didn't you eat already?"

"I'm a human being!"

"You could eat some of the meat I cooked." Suga smiles.


"Please calm down, darling. I'll just call the company."


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