xvii. paper flower

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"Indie! Niall!" Tina rested her knuckles against the locked back door to the bar. She hoped they could hear her and would let her in but she knew they tended to blast the music when they were doing inventory. "Guys!" She whined and knocked again. "It's Tina."

She groaned, finally giving up on that and walked back to her car. She leaned in through the wide open driver side window and snatched her cell phone from the opposite seat. She squirmed back and landed smoothly on her feet before dialing Indie's number and heading back for the door.

"Hello?" She sang as she answered the door, the music clear as day in the background and by the static caused by Indie's hair brushing the receiver as she danced around the backroom.

"I'm here," Tina groaned. "Can you come get the door please?"

"Sorry, it's a bit loud in here," Indie laughed. "Be there in a second."

"Thank you," she sighed and ended the phone call, sliding her phone into the front pocket of her jeans and seconds later the door was swinging open to reveal the blonde. Niall pressed his back into the door frame, his arm moving further along the door to hold it for Tina to come inside.

"Hey Tina," he hummed and Tina smiled.

"Hey Niall," she responded and squeezed passed him. "How are things here? Indie causing you tons of trouble?"

"Always," he laughed. "Nah, you know I love Indie. She's a sweetheart."

She laughed and followed him into the storage room where she found the brunette dancing around the room. Tina sometimes wondered how she managed to get any work done. It seemed more like she was hanging out with friends than actually doing a job.

"How do you two actually get anything done around here?" She rolled her eyes. "It seems more like a party than inventory."

"Maybe a little bit," Indie laughed lightly and pulled herself up onto the table top in the center of the room. "How was the library?" She questioned. "Find all the books you needed?"

"All of them," she nodded and offered the books to her. "I even managed to find the one you ask for."

"Awesome, thank you," Indie smiled and took it, looking over the top only to realize there was another book stacked underneath it. Indie furrowed her eyebrows together and hummed as she over looked it, brushing her hand over the front cover to get off the dust. "What's this?" She asked.

"That is the reason I'm here," Tina told her. "I didn't realize you knew a Daniel."

"Daniel? Daniel..." Indie hummed and studied the book, trying to remember who exactly Tina was referring to.

"Book boy Daniel," Niall rolled his eyes.

"Oh! Yeah, I know him," Indie nodded. "Why?"

"He's the guy that ran into me the other day," Tina told her. "I saw him today and confronted him. He asked me to give that to you."

Indie bobbed her head up and down as she opened the book the tall brunette had picked out for her. She wondered what exactly made it so special until she turned it around and found the last date of burrowing. She smiled and set it down next to her.

"Okay, well, thanks, T," she smiled. "You could have just left the stuff at the dorm though."

"I know but I wanted to ask you about him," Tina admitted. "Is he always that arrogant?"

"A tad, yeah," Indie laughed. "I don't really know him. We just talk sometimes when I'm there. He is a bit rude, yeah but I think that's just him. He likes being to himself."

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