Jane's POV

I headed down to Janice's house, I knew she'd have something to say about me breakin' up with Richard but I didn't care. My mind kept flashin' back to that white boy for some strange reason. His perfect blond hair, those tempting blue eyes and that muscular body. I bit down on my lip and mentally slapped myself. Wha' in tha hell are you thinking, Jane? You can't be crushin' on a white boy! My head screamed at me, but my heart wasn't buying it. I shook my head trying to drop those thoughts. A few minutes later and I ended up on Janice's porch. 

Her house was a little bit bigger than Richards, but not much and my house was the size of both of 'em combined. I walked up the steps then slipped my Mary Janes back on, my feet were horribly dirty now. After knocking on Janice's door, she appeared lookin' mighty happy and I smiled. She greeted me warmly with a hug and welcomed me in.

"Hey, Jane,  what are you doin' back so early?" she asked, shutting the door and crossing her arms. She gave me a confused look. Janice was one of 'em who thought me and Richard went 'good' together. She was even the one who got us together, she'd be plenty upset when she heard we done broken up.

I inhaled as deeply as I could, clutchin' my dress and looked at her. 

"Uh, we done kinda...uh... parted." I told her, truthfully.

Avoidin' Janice's death glare best I could, I looked around at her prideful home. The tall walls were plastered wit' beige an' white designs, twirlin' and twistin' all over the place. Around the bottom, some of the interestin' wallpaper was peelin away. Janice had lived in this ole house her whole life, and it showed. Her furniture sagged from bein' in use so much and the once yellow color, was way gone. In the front, facin' them ole furnitures was a small table for something called a "Television" that Janice said she was gone get. I thought she was a little bit loony, cuz what in the world is a Television? 

It smelt like burnt hair and oil spray in here since I first done stepped in and I highly regretted inhaling so hard. Janice was mighty pretty and she knew it. She had long 'nough hair foe a negro so that it reached a little bit above her shoulders. 

I bit down on my lip and took my jacket off, placin' it on the wooden rack. 

"I left him, he wan't no good." I replied, slipping my jacket off and hanging' it on the wooden rack. I braced myself for Janice's reaction.

"Are you jokin' me?! Do you know how long it took me to get ya'll two togtha'?" Janice screeched, putting her hands on my shoulders and given me a good shakin'. Suddenly Margret appeared out of Janice's room holding some book in her hans'. She shook out her hair and looked at us. I han't even knew Margret ditched, she was too much a goody- goody. Margret also ain't never had no boyfriend. Thas my goal, to get her a boy thas gone be good to her.

"Whas goin' on out here?" Margret asked, slidin' her glasses up her slender nose.

"This goon ducked out on Richard! After all I done did." Janice snapped back, waving her arms an' sitting on the old furniture.

Margret laid her book on the small stool where the "television' was gone be. She shot me a concernin' look.

"Hey, you 'right? Did tha' jerk touch you?" She asked, walkin' over to me an' observin' me. Me and Maggie had a special sort of relationship that me an' Janice would never be able to obtain. She knew me inside an' out, she knew when I wan't feeling good or when somethin' had gone wrong jus' from one glance. I had to say I'd always been closer to Maggie then Janice. 

I nodded, lookin' away. "Yes'm. I'm just fine, thank you kindly for asking." I stated, bitin' my lip-glossed lip. Damn, I seemed to doin' lots of that lately.