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Pen Your Pride

Jane's POV

I pushed my wise guy of a boyfriend off of me and adjusted my bra strap. He looked at me mighty sadly and scooted over so I could have a space on this small couch of his. His name was Richard Davis and he claimed he was in love with me. But all we ever did when I came over was smooch, we never had long, romantic talks like my friends said they had. I grunted sitting up, leaving my legs hanging off of his.

"Somethin' wrong?" he asked me.

I nodded and flipped my curled hair, "I'm guessing because whenever I'm over we just kiss an' kiss. Howcome we never talkin'?" 

He looked baffled at my statment. "I thought you was likin' my lovin'." he proclaimed, grinning and leaning in closer to me and kissing me on my neck.

I rolled my eyes and pushed him off of me again. Damn, this boy was killing me right now. He just couldn't resist, could he? 

"It was fine, I suppose, in the beginnin' but now it's just old! I wanna real love, someone who always has my back and likes talkin' to me. I don't want someone who's just wanting me for my body." I stated, looking at him deeply. 

"But your body is pretty banging. An' I do like you! You's real funny and purtty." he said, leaning in once again. His lips met mines but I didn't feel anything anymore, just another set of lips upon mine. Nothing more nothing less. I pushed him away from me again but this time I stood up and starting grabbing my shoes and jacket. 

"I'm more than jus' purtty! And 'till you realize that I ain't being with you no more!" I screamed, slipping my white Mary Janes on. 

"Aww, nah, you can't jus' be leavin' me! I loves you!" Richard exclaimed, getting up and walking towards me. Ugh, just looking at him disgusted me now. Ever since I saw the lipstick stain on his white blouse the other day, he disgusted me. 

I finished putting on my jacket and glared at Richard, "If you'd ever loved me, you'd have never cheated and you'd call me more than purtty. Bye bye, Richard!" I yelled as I opened the door to his room and walked out of it, slamming it shut. Richard's house was awfuly small and he only had two rooms in it. One for his parents and one for him and his sisters, which he had 3 of and who were in school right now. Me and Richard had decided on skipping school today, and it was a bad choice. 

I should've known all he was gone want from me was sex. I sighed and walked out of his front door onto his porch, slamming the door again. When Richard didn't even chase after me, I knew he hadn't really never loved me, and I'd made the right choice walking out on his stupid ass! I really needed to stop letting boys into my life that didn't give a two cents about me. 

My name is Jane Wright and I'm 15 years old. I live in Albany, Georgia and the year is 1940. Life is tough when you have a white mother and a black father, but hey who's complaining? They sure made one fine baby! 

I'm a freshman at Lincoln Junior High School and I am quite popular although I only have 2 best friends. Margret Davis and Janice Smith, they are both African American and I love them to death! We've all been best friends since kindergarden and I wouldn't trade em' for the world! I should probably head to Janice's right now, I mean it was on the way home anyways. I spit on Richard's porch then hopped off of it. Oh well! Straightening out my light blue dress with white polka dots, I headed towards Janice's, hoping Richard would slip on my spit and break something. He deserved it, cheating bastard. 

 In Albany, people were trying to stop racisim all together by doing things like: mixing blacks and whites in classes, doing mixer parties, and having our neighborhoods closer together. It wasn't a bad idea because I hated racisim but I had to admit, it wasn't really working. Whites sticked with whites and blacks sticked with blacks. Where does that leave me, you ask? Well, I usually stick with blacks because I can relate to them more. I continued down the long road that led to Janice's house. My white Mary Janes were getting slightly darker and scuffed and I frowned because I had just got them and I loved em'. I quickly slid them off and hung them on my fingers. I flipped my shoulder length, curled hair away from my face and starting skipping a bit. 

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