Doctor, Here We Come

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I couldn’t believe my aunt and uncle flew all the way down from Vegas for my graduation. It was nice to see them, I was about to introduce them to my mate when I noticed she was no longer next to me.

“She had another bladder attack, she didn’t want company.” Megan informed me.

“She went by herself?!” I said panicked.

“It’s only at the other end of the field, Trevor. She’ll be okay.”

“What if she falls, or someone bumps into her? I have to go find her.”

“It’s okay daddy, that man is carrying mommy.” Cody said pointing in the direction of the restrooms.

I turned to see what man he was referring to and my blood boiled. What the hell was he doing here, and why did he have Harmony in his arms? My eyes flashed as my wolf yearned to get out and rip him away from her.

“Cody, go with aunt Megan.” I said, handing him over to Megan and rushing to meet Aiden, not caring who I pushed out of the way. I could feel Jeremy and the others behind me. 

As we reached the pair, he quickly set Harmony down and put his hands up in surrender. “I’m not here to cause trouble. I followed Harmony to the restroom so that I could apologize to her privately. She bumped into me on the way out and her water broke on my shoes.” 

“Yeah right, you’re not here to cause trouble? Why am I not convinced? All you did from the beginning was cause trouble.” I said, gently pulling Harmony behind me as I took an aggressive stance, ready for another fight.

“Trevor, he‘s telling the truth.” Harmony soothed, trying to pull me to face her.

“I still don’t trust him not to try and take you from me. I won’t let that happen.”

“Trevor, we should really get going.” Harmony tried again, but I was too consumed with anger that he had the nerve to put his hands on her again, after I specifically told him to stay away. Intended apology or not, he went against my instructions.

“You shouldn’t have touched her. I warned you about that.” I said ready to rip him apart.

“I already explained why, you really should start heading to the pack doctor.” Aiden advised.

What was he talking about? Why would I need to go to the doctor. He was the one who would be needing medical attention when I was done with him. I took a step forward, but Harmony tugged on my arm again. “Babe, he’s right. We need to get going.”

I tore my gaze away from Aiden to look at Harmony. The strain in her voice, breaking down my anger. She looked a little pained. “What did you do to her?” I asked, turning back to Aiden.

“Not me, dude, what she’s going through is completely your fault. Like I said, when she bumped into me, her water broke. She’s about to have your baby.”

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