×××Chapter 21×××

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×××Y/N's POV×××

"Let's get started.." Red said as he twirls the knife in his hand. I struggle even more to the point where my wrists are getting burns from the leather. He grips it with the blade pointing down. I squeeze my eyes closed, waiting for the pain. I feel the tip of the knife softly glide across my shirt.

I stop breathing, trying to keep my stomach still. I start sobbing quietly. He stops and moves the knife away, looking at me with a sad face. I open my eyes and look at him. "Am I scaring you?" He asks with a pouty face. "Go to hell." I say. His eyes close and his eyebrows go up, raising his hands not even saying anything.

Then he yells in agony holding his hands to his head, falling on his knees. I start getting confused of what the hell is happening. He takes the knife and stabs a wooden support beam next to him. He slowly slides lower on the floor, still yelling in pain. Then as fast as it started, it stopped.

I can't see him because I can't move my body from the straps. Then I see Red slowly stand up with his right hand planted to his head. He looks around confused until he makes eye contact with me. He's terrified. He drops his arm without breaking eye contact. "Y-Y/N.." He almost whispers.

I don't know what to say. I can't tell if he's trying to pull a trick on me or he's actually clueless. Then the door bursts open, officers flooding the room. And once they rush in the room, they take off the straps and arrests Red. "What's going on?!" Red screams as he struggles from their grasp. "Shut it!" One male officer screams.

Once they all leave the room, I sit up on the table. I look to my left to see Max standing in the door way holding up a phone. I jump off the table and run over to him, hugging him. He picks me and spins us in a circle. He drops me and we make eye contact. He lightly places his thumb and index finger on my chin and leans down, planting a soft kiss on my lips.

He pulls back. "Thank you, Max." I say tearing up. He pulls me into a tight hug, rubbing my back. "It's okay its okay." He whispered. I clench the back of his jacket and quietly sob into his shirt. I hear someone run in the room, having my gaze. I see its Adam and Barney. "Is everyone okay?!" Adam asks worriedly.

I look at Barney and see he's scared. I just shake my head and start crying again. The both of them wrap their arms around me and Max in a large hug.

Around 20 minutes later, me and Max were in the police station getting asked questions. Me and Max were in separate rooms so I felt almost unsafe. "Do you know why he would do such a thing?" An older male asked. I shake my head, staring at one spot on his desk. "Nothing happened between the two of you to trigger him to commit that crime?" He asks.

"Yes.. We dated. I wanted to break up with him but when me and Max were with him, Max wanted to kiss me.. We were holding hands and that was when Red, or Michael walks in. He gets mad and storms out. The next day I apologize and he said it was cool and we were still friends.. Guess not.." I explain. "That's all the questions I have. You can go." He says.

"Wait. Just.. Leave?" I ask. He looks at me with a weird look. "Umm yea. Your good to go." He says a bit awkwardly. I stand up, thank him and leave. When I walk out of his office, I see Max waiting near the front entrance. I walk over to him grabbing his hand. "You alright?" He asks. I nod my head and smile. He leans down and kisses the bandage on my head.

My face heats up and I hug him. We walk out the doors and to Max's car, getting ready to go to his place. We buckle up and we make our way to his place. "I love you." He says. I smile. "Love you too."

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