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Rosses pov
I groan as I turn off the alarm and roll out of bed. It's to early to even be alive... The house is empty. As usal, I walk past my parents and sister's rooms... What am I gonna eat today? I think to myself looking through the kitchen. I'm gonna have to go shopping again soon... I pull my phone out of my pocket, I don't know when the rent has to be paid again, guess I'll figure it out when it gets here. 4:15, okay so that gives me enough time to get groceries and get dressed and ready for school by the time the school bus gets here at 6:20. I look down and notice that I'm still in my pajamas. I waltz back to my room and get dressed in a nice teal polo, my glasses of course, and some blue jeans then start my jurney to the store. I have work after school today so I can't afford homework. I'll have to do it in class, but I always do that anyway so there's not any more work then usal on my part.

I arrive at school and not to my surprise there they were, waiting for me. I hide within a crowd of people that are walking by, but it doesn't work. Someone grabs me by the collar of my shirt and rips me from the group, Holding me in midair. Of coarse it was the leader of the dimwits. Kendel. "Did you really think you could get away from us that easy nerd!? Well you've got another thing comming then!!" he punches me in the stomach and i curl into a ball winceing. He punches me again and drops me back on the pavement. I cry out. All of them then start kicking me and laughing. Telling me I'm a loser, a mistake made by my parents, not meant to be on earth, a neard, mute... It's not that I'm ashamed of being mute or they and hide it or anything. It's just, the way the word comes out if his mouth makes it seem- I dunno- something bad? They finally stop when the first bell rings. It's almost time for class... They run off and leave me there. Bloody, almost lifeless seeming on the pavement. People walk by only glimpseing at me and moving on with their day. No one cares about me and they don't care what happens to me either. To them I'm just a quiet kid who doesn't talk to anyone anymore. I'm just, nothing.

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