A/N: Lismore is in Ireland in case you didn't know that, it's 1 am right now and I have had far too much caffeine.

You, Dan and Phil had all decided to visit the Lismore castle, you had been in Ireland for 2 days now.

"Phil remember, no wandering off, we need not repeat Pokemon Go. And Y/N, please don't touch the stuff with signs that say 'do not touch' okay guys?" Dan said as you walked up to the castle.

"Dan, we both know I can't make that promise." You looked up at him.

"Yeah neither can I." Phil said and smiled.

"Come on guys! You two are both grown adults." Dan laughed.

"No, we're YouTubers, there's a difference." You said in a serious tone, that made everyone laugh.

You walked up to the castle and met with your tour guide, she was a tall red head with bright green eyes and freckles all over her face.

"Hello, my name is Holly, please follow me." She said in an Irish accent. You all followed her into the castle, there were great big suits of armor on each side on the wall that were just begging to be touched. You reached your hand over the velvet rope to touch it when Dan pushed your hand away.

"No Y/N, you'll break it." He told you.

"Will not!" You protested but then the tour guide turned around and gave you an evil glare, she didn't seem to like you very much.

"Do not touch the artifacts." She hissed at you.

"Well if they're not meant to be touched then don't set them out were they're just itching to be touched." You told her.

"If you would like to leave I would be happy to lead your brother and his friend without you." She snapped back.

"He's not my brother he's my...friend" You hesitated at the word friend. She saw you struggle and gave you and evil grin while she tuned around. 

Through the rest of the tour Holly kept giving you rude glances and would exclude you. She would often just say "You boy's" or would just ignore what you would say. Holly also kept winking at Dan and paid much more attention to him then Phil.

Your last stop was the King and Queens bedroom, Holly seemed particularly excited about this room.

"Did you know that the King would often take up several lover's or mistresses while still married to the Queen. The Queen knew about some, but others she didn't." Holly said as she winked at Dan and bit her lip seductively.

You went to the small gift shop they had in the castle and had picked out a Queen's crown and a King's crown for Dan and you, of course as a joke.

"Hey Dan look what I-" You cut yourself off when you found Dan and Holly standing in a corner of the shop laughing. He didn't even glance your way, he kept talking and laughing with her. Then you saw her pull out a piece of paper and write something down and hand it to Dan. He smiled and put it in his pocket.

You all left the castle and Holly shortly after, you started walking on the huge lawn.

"So Dan, Holly gave you her number?" You asked him politely while trying to not go on a killing spree.

"Yeah, about that, I'm not going to call her, I threw her number away." He said with his hands in his pockets.

"Oh really, why?" You asked, trying to hide your smile.

"She a bit annoying and extremely rude, the whole time she kept calling you my ugly step sister and Phil was my wanna be twin." Well she was worse than you thought.

"I AM NOT YOUR WANNA BE TWIN! I AM WAY COOLER THAN YOU!" Phil shouted, that earned a few good laughs.

"Okay Phil, calm down, she was a bitch." Dan said.

"Yes she was." he mumbled and kicked a rock.

"Hey Howell, race you to that tree, loser buys dinner for all of us." You said out of the blue and pointed to a tree about 75 meters away.

"You're on Y/L/N." He said, you leaned foreword and Phil shouted "GO!"

You started running, Dan was ahead of course, his long legs gave him the advantage. But then Dan tripped over something, probably his own feet or a rock or something. He rolled on the ground and you went tumbling after him. You landed on top of him, smacking your face against his chest, you both began laughing profusely.

"Clumsy much?" You laughed.

"You're one to talk." He laughed back, Phil came running up to you laughing as hard as he could while waving his phone in his hand.

"That was great! Going on Instagram!" He shouted, bent over from laughing.

"Oh joy." You said while getting up and brushing yourself off.

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