Saying Goodbye To High School

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The morning of graduation dawned bright and sunny, which was a good thing since the ceremony was being held outside on our school’s field. Trevor and I dressed in our black cap and gowns and met with the rest of our classmates in our auditorium where we were all supposed to gather to get in our assigned places before heading out to the field. When we met up with Jared and the guys, they all had mischievous looks on their faces as if they were up to no good, which I’m sure they were, but I was just too excited to finally be getting out of high school that I didn’t care.

“Okay babe, I gotta get down to my letter group, will you be okay?” Trevor asked.

“Yeah, you’re only a few letters down, Trevor. it’s not as if you’re at the very back or anything. If I needed you all I would have to do is lean forward and I can see you. I’m not due for another 3 weeks, so stop worrying!” I said exasperated. Ever since we found out we were having twins, he’s become even more protective than normal. I had to fight him just to let me walk up the steps when it’s time to receive my diploma. He insisted he should carry me. He’s cute but nerve wracking! 

“Don’t worry, Trevor, I promise to keep a close eye on her.” Shelly promised. Though we hadn’t talked all that much since my first day here, due to my constant mate drama, we reconnected during our commencement rehearsals. Her last name was Everett, placing her right next to me in line. I realized I missed girl chat. I always had my sister, but it was nice having someone separate from my family and pack to talk with.

Trevor studied us both apprehensively before I shot him a ’Don’t you dare give me a hard time on this or I’ll make you regret it’ look and he thanked Shelly before kissing me sweetly on the lips, then stomach and heading to his seat.

“He is so whipped, I never thought I’d see the day that mean, man whore Trevor would walk around like a love sick puppy all the time.” Shelly stated with a shocked look on her face.

I giggled, remembering how he was when we first met, and the horror stories I had heard about him. He really has changed his attitude, and I don’t doubt I had the same love sick look on my face as well.

“What can I say, I keep my man mighty satisfied, and well loved.” I bragged shamelessly, so happy with my life I thought I might burst.

“Ummm, over share!  I know we’re girls and everything, but could you keep the details to yourself before I get visuals. Unless you want to describe that sexy body of his, then please continue. I would love to know the details of that hot bod.” she teased.

“Hey, stop ogling my future husband!” I said in mock outrage.

We both laughed before our principal instructed us to take our seats and be ready to file out. When we made our way to the field, we could see our families in the bleachers anxious for the ceremony to begin. There were balloons and signs with our pictures on them so we could find them once we were done. As we sat, I felt a little pain shoot from my back to my front, as my stomach tightened. It had been happening every once in awhile over the past few days, but the books I read said it was normal, something called Braxton hicks that was my body’s way of preparing for birth. This one was a little sharper than usual, but it must’ve been due to all the walking we’ve had to do to rehearse for this day.

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