Texting Savannah

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Colby POV

After putting Savannah's new number in my phone I shot her a text.

Colby: Hey

Sav: Who is this?

Colby: It's Colby... I got your new number.

Sav: Colby? I'm guessing you know.

Colby: Yeah I do...

Sav: I'm so sorry I couldn't tell you ahead of time.

Colby: It's okay... I actually went to Florida... I tried to find you... but I got in a car crash... but don't worry I'm fine!

Sav: omg! I'm so sorry! What happened?

Colby: Nothin... just a dumbass drunk driver. All it did was fracture my wrist and broke a leg. I'm fine trust me.

Sav: If you say so Colbs.

Colbs is her new nickname for me... she is so cute.

Colby: So how has Miami been treating you?

Sav: Eh it's been okay I guess. I liked LA better. Been here for almost a week and still haven't made any friends.

Colby: Wrll it ain't easy making friends huh? Mostly because of how shy my little Savy is.

Colby: Well*

Sav: Lol yeah...

Colby: I got to run Sav... ill text ya later!

Sav: Okay! Bye

Colby: Bye

At least she's okay.


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