Chapter 71

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Justin Decker was already awake and sitting up.

"Mr Decker, I am surprised you are up already," Hailie said. He looked tired but not too bad.

"He'll be fine in a few days and out of my room by this evening or tomorrow morning," Celeste said

"Thank you Miss Celeste. I feel much better already," Mr Decker said.

"Your welcome, Justin. See, Shen. This is the appropriate response when someone saves your life," Celeste said.

"Don't even start," Shen said.

"So ungrateful," Celeste muttered.

Mr Decker turned to Hailie. "Your voice sounds familiar but I don't recognize your face. Have we met before?"

"Yes but you probably would not remember me. I was dirty and covered in bruises," Hailie said.

His eyes widened. "Hailie-Storm Castello," he said.

"Castello?" Shen asked. "As in daughter of the old governor Castello?"

Hailie nodded. Oh well. It would have come out sooner or later.

"I knew it," Celeste said. "No wonder your parents never went to prison."

"They don't know your name?" Mr Decker asked.

"Well, one of us did," Shen said with a pointed look at Eli.

"It is not something I give out often though I am sure you heard about me," Hailie said. She sat on the bed that was next to his.

"Horror stories but I find it hard to believe that those things were done by you," he said.

"Do you think I am not capable?" Hailie asked.

He smiled. "No. I think you are very capable, however you don't seem like someone who did those things they said. I'm sure the stories were exaggerated and parts added in. Did you really set the soldier's barracks on fire?"

"Yes and no. It was an accident."

"And chase fifty gangsters out of town?"

"It was more like fifteen and they were from the Rhino Gang. It was not very hard."

"And break Corporal Forrest's arm?"

"No. I do not know how he broke it. I did break Corporal Quinn's arm for trying to steal from Mrs Gregory though."

He chuckled. It was nice and soft but not as deep as Eli's. "You are a very interesting girl Miss Castello."

"Ugh. Do not call me that. As it is I am going to have to do some explaining to those two," Hailie said jerking her head to where Celeste and Shen were standing. "Call me Hailie."

"Then no more of this Mr Decker nonsense. My title is Lieutenant," he said seriously. He laughed at her expression. "I'm just kidding. Call me Justin," he held out his hand. "Pleased to meet you, Hailie." He turned to Eli. Recognition dawned on his face. "You're..."

Eli grinned and gave a mock bow. "Elijah Trent. At your service."

Justin's eyes looked like they were going to fall out of his head. "Elijah Trent? As in pirate Elijah Trent?"

"Yes and the other one your thinking of as well."

"Are you that well known?" Hailie asked Eli.

"In certain circles."

"And you're also the one who came for Hailie and knocked me out," Justin said.

"The one and only."

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