Updated Mechanics (as of Cycle 4)

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Book Club Mechanics

• The book review will be done in cycles. Once cycle lasts for 8 weeks (or 2 months) and one fantasy story will be featured every week. The order of the Featured Works will be determined through a random number generator (RNG) at the beginning of the cycle. An admin will be in charge of the RNG and shall keep the schedule confidential.

• Details of the Featured Work will be posted in the Review Book at 10:00 AM on Sundays. Members have one week - until 9:59 AM Sundays - to read and comment on at least the first 3 chapters of the novel or on the selected one-shots.

• All members are expected to give QUALITY FEEDBACK. When commenting, please keep in mind the following:

1. Technicalities (Grammar, Syntax)

2. Content (Plot, Characterization, Writing Style)

3. Overall impression (Impact)

4. Personal insight (Did you enjoy reading the chapter? What parts can be improved? Any message for the writer?)

• This is to ensure that all comments are meaningful and helpful to the Featured Writer. Also, please be tactful and diplomatic in critiquing others' works! A marshal will be checking whether the comments comply with the guidelines and rules of conduct.

• Members must write their feedback in the COMMENTS SECTION of the REVIEW BOOK. You may also comment on the Featured Work itself, but note that the marshal will only be checking the comments in the Review Book.

Awards and Penalties

• At the end of the week, the Featured Writer will choose the "Most Helpful Reviewer of the Week." While members are required to give feedback on only the first 3 chapters, we encourage everyone to read and comment further. Doing so may also increase your chances of winning the award.

• At the end of the cycle, awards and prizes will be given out to participants who excelled in their functions, both as a critic and writer. Among these awards are "Best Reviewer of the Cycle" and "Readers' Choice."

• Should a member fail to give their feedback on the Featured Book of the Week, please refer to the next page of this book ("Penalties for Non-Submission of Reviews").

Who can join?

• You must have at least one published novel (not necessarily completed but at least 3 chapters long) OR a one-shot on Wattpad under the fantasy genre, written in either Tagalog or English. It must not contain Mature content (sexual or graphic scenes).

• You must be a Filipino national and can read and understand both Tagalog and English.

• You must have a Facebook account and be willing to join the Book Club's Facebook group page.

How to join?

• Follow this account on wattpad: FWFC_2016

• Send a private message (PM) indicating your favorite fantasy book, movie or show.

• We will then send you the links to two 500-word stories, one in English and one in Tagalog.

• Choose one story and make a short review focusing on technicalities, content, overall impression and personal insight.

• Submit your review through PM within 3 days. There is no minimum or maximum length for the review. You may send multiple PMs if your review exceeds 2000 characters.

• Our 3-admin panel will evaluate your review. We will notify you if you have been accepted or not 3 days after your submission. We will also send you the judges' evaluation of your review.

• Once you receive confirmation of your acceptance, please send us the following details through PM:

1. Your Wattpad username

2. Your Facebook name / URL

3. Title of your book

4. Blurb

5. Link

5. Special requests or questions to reviews, if any (ex. Do you think the main character is memorable? Does the first chapter make you want to read on? etc.)

Why join?

This book club functions on the principle of reciprocity - you help others with their work, and they help you as well. You will also get to be part of a growing community that supports and encourages all its members in their fantasy-writing endeavors.

We believe that limiting the number of people per cycle promotes accountability, since it will be easier to keep track of the members' progress in their tasks. It will also foster a closer bond among them, as they can get to know each other quite well during the cycle. In addition, members will only need to commit to the club for a certain period of time (that is, until their cycle is finished - it won't go on forever and ever) which is favorable to those with commitment issues.

Starting with Cycle 3, we implemented the Applicants Review Evaluation in which we first assess an applicant's reviewing skills and punctuality. A three-member panel will evaluate the applicant and determine whether he or she will be accepted to the Cycle. This is to ensure that all members will get QUALITY FEEDBACK from each other - and get it on time.

No one is required to VOTE for any work, nor FOLLOW any member. (You may do so at your own discretion.) If you're only looking to boost your stats, then we're sorry to say this isn't the book club for you. We prioritize quality over quantity. Although joining the club will indeed give your book more exposure, our ultimate goal is not to get you a million reads or likes but to help you become a better fantasy writer through meaningful evaluation, guidance and encouragement. And that, we believe, is what matters. :)

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