Taka // Nina

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"You working tomorrow, Nina?" My manager, Amanda, asks me while fixing some shelves.

"Nope," I smile, "I've got all this week off!"

"Oh yeah, forgot you requested that... It's gonna be so boring with out you," She sighs.

"Nah, it's always fun out here! But I'll stop in soon, so don't you worry," I laugh, waving my hand as I push the door open.

"Wait!" Amanda calls after me, "don't forget your guitar! The boys will take it if you don't,"

"Thank god you reminded me," I sigh with relief, "the last time I did that they broke two strings! See ya!"

I arrange the strap over my shoulders so that the guitar is dangling from my back. Probably not the best way to carry an expensive instrument but I don't have money for a case and no one ever comes the way I go home.

Looks like it's going to rain

My eyes study the sky, clouds covering the sun as I continue down an ally way. Usually people advise you not to go where people aren't, considering that I do live in New York City, but this way is much faster than going the main route.

And no, I don't have money for a taxi either...

But I'm completely fine with traveling down a creepy ally way, that is along as it's daytime.

I let out a soft hum, only to be replaced with a screech when I feel myself falling to the ground.


"Oh shït," I gasp, my hands flying to my mouth as I look down at my completely crushed guitar. What am I supposed to do with this? I literally just paid this thing off! Oh no... I'm gonna have to rent a shïtty guitar again... Wait, I don't even have the money for that!

"Gomen'nasai! I- I mean I'm so sorry!" A voice gasps, breaking me from my little panic attack. [gomen'nasai = I'm so sorry]

I quickly look up to see a man holding his hand out to me, his hair dyed a faded purple color. He's definitely not from around here, judging by the way he said sorry in Japanese, and the fact that he has a slight accent.

"I-it's um, okay," I stutter taking his hand so he can help me up. This isn't good at all... my guitar is literally the only thing going for me right now. What am I supposed to do if I don't even own one?

"I can pay for a new guitar!" He exclaims, pausing between each word as if he's uncertain. Poor guy, he's obviously a foreigner and doesn't seem to speak English fluently... I can't make him pay for a new guitar.

"Don't worry about it," I try to smile, but I'm sure I look as pale as a ghost.

"N-no! I can," He states, looking behind himself briefly, "I don't have money with me... But at my hotel,"

I furrow my eyebrows, curiously watching how he keeps checking behind him. Perhaps someone's following him, or maybe he's a criminal... No, he wouldn't be offering me a new guitar of that we're the case.

"Daijōbudesuka?" the words sort of just slip from my mouth, possibly because I feel bad for him. I don't in anyway speak Japanese, I only know a few phrases since I'm an absolute sucker for anime. [daijōbudesuka = are you okay]

His eyes seem to light up with relief, "Hai, watashi wa mayotte shimaimashita,"

Yeah... I don't think anime is going to be able to help me out with this one.

"I'm sorry, I only know a tiny bit of Japanese... Not even..." I trail off, watching him nod.

"That is okay, I know some English," I hold back a laugh when he pronounces "English" as "Engrish", "I am lost and need to find Madison Square Garden,"

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