Chapter 8

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Ivy's P.O.V
I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. I looked at the name. Leslie. Why is Leslie calling me at 2am?
"Ivy you need to get down to the hospital right now!"
"Why?" I said rubbing my eye.
"Daveed was in a car accident." I completely froze. Why does this always happen to me. First my parents now Daveed.
"I- I am o-on my way." I said trying to fight back tears. Before I got down stairs Pippa was opening my apartment door.
"Jaz just called me. Come on I'll drive." She said. I grabbed my jacket and wiped the tears that were blurring my vision. I  got in her car. We quickly drove to the hospital. When we got there the Leslie, Jaz and Anthony were there.
"What happened!" I asked Leslie got up. He was like a dad to me.
"He was in a accident. He is in surgery."
"Oh my god" I said. I broke down into tears. Leslie hugged me. Renée walked in.
"Oh hun." She said walking towards me. She joined the hug.
"He is going to fine." I cried harder as I was attacked by hugs from the cast as the walked in.

About an hour later, there was still no word. I was pacing back and forth.
"Ivy maybe you should come sit down." Renée said.
"I can't Renée. I am to worried what was he even doing out at 2am?" I said. Anthony and Oak looked at each other. They knew something.
"Oak why was he out at 2am?" He hung his head.
"He was going to surprise you." I felt my heart drop. I finally sat done trying to process everything. Then the doctor came out.
"Family of Daveed Diggs? "She said. I quickly got up.
"How is he?"
"He is going to be fine. He fractured a few bones and punctured a vain. But he will be fine." She said. I could finally breath.
"Thank god. Can we see him?"
"Yes of course. This way." She said. We followed her down the hall. I saw him laying so lifeless in the hospital bed. I broke down.
"Come on Ivy don't cry." He said. I looked at him. He smiled.
"You scared me." I said.
"I know I scared me too." He said sitting up. I laughed at him. He looked up at Lin.
"Hey Lin I am going to be out for a few days." He said. We laughed at him. Jaz looked at her watch.
"Wow. Its 4am. We have to go OK Daveed. Well come back before the show tonight." She said as her and Anthony left.
"She's right we have to go." Renée said. They all left slowly. He looked at me like he was expecting me to leave to.
"I am not going anywhere." I said kissing him.

Guys sorry about this sad chapter!!!!!

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