Chapter Two

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The car ride home had been filled with nothing but the most absolute silence that either of the girls have ever experienced. It was supposed to be something short of just magical- something about the two of them being reunited, about holding hands over the console, and sharing smiles about how much Rosewood hasn't changed while Alison has been away in Radley. It was supposed to be stolen kisses, sharing secrets, a welcome home dinner, and Emily endlessly apologizing for not coming to her rescue sooner. Except this time, however, there is a deafening silence as Alison's eyes count the trees that pass them by, and Emily's eyes are too focused on the road, her hands perfectly latched onto the steering wheel.

Everything seemed so different now-so very life changingly different. This time, it wasn't just Alison and Emily driving home from Welby, to a welcome home party with the girls in the dining room, with balloons and Pepe running to the front door to give them giant licks. This time, it's Alison and Emily coming home to a quiet house, with a fetus growing inside of Alison. A fetus that belongs to Emily; a fetus that was made from the eggs that A.D. managed to steal from the bank. This time, the two of them are coming home as prospective parents, with a threatening stalker following the two of them around, and a new life that they are responsible for for the next eighteen years.

Every now and then, Alison can feel Emily's eyes drifting from the road to her face, and she almost forgets to keep breathing. She can feel those dark brown eyes drifting from the angles of her face, to her stomach, in which her hand has never quite left. And even though this is everything that she ever wanted in her life, she can't seem to swallow the lump in her throat, or blink away the blinding tears in her eyes.

She's having Emily's baby.

But, it was nothing like she had ever imagined it to be. There wasn't a wedding; no late night talks, no fertility treatments, and endless appointments with the doctor, until one month her period was finally late. There was no waiting for the strip to turn pink, holding their breaths as two lines appeared and holding each other so tightly that they nearly burst. This wasn't a planned pregnancy- but rather one that A.D. had chose to instill upon them.

And Alison knows that she should be excited- because, after all, this is a baby. Her baby- her baby with Emily-the girl that she has loved since she was a child. Yet, the fear of everything rushes through her in a way that she could never imagine. The person who was responsible for her sister's death- the same person who had targeted not only herself, but her friends, had somehow managed to steal Emily's donated eggs-the same ones that Emily had needed for financial reasons, and placed them inside of her. The person who had single handedly made it possible for her psychotic dead husband to lock her away in Welby had impregnated her with a baby that he, or she, had planned to steal as their own.

As the car pulls into the driveway, the blonde's eyes study Emily's stern expression, her tight lips never wavering- not even when an overly excited Pepe rushes to the door, his tail wagging, and his tongue practically slapping him in the head. She waits for Emily to say something, say anything, but the dark haired swimmer just stares at the DiLaurentis house, her eyes slightly darkened than the way that she had looked at her before. Sighing in discontentment, Alison reaches for the door handle when Emily's unusually sharp voice calls out.

"Don't." It's an order, rather than a question. The blonde's head snaps up quizzically, because the tone was just so...not Emily. With a heavy sigh, the swimmer looks over at Alison, before a tiny, almost missable, smile begins to play upon her lips. Instead of saying anything, however, Emily opens her own door and stands. Quickly petting Pepe, Alison watches as she rounds the corner of the car and slowly opens Alison's door. And when icy blue eyes meet those dark brown, Alison almost forgets how to breathe for a moment.

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