Chapter 26: Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals!

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Life was a barrel of anything but fun for the next two weeks. Levi had the place on lockdown after the attack, which meant that I was on 'super lockdown.' Derek and Elliot tried to help. We have many movie marathons in Derek's room, and when Derek was feeling better, we had many baking lessons that I was tragic at.

Remi and David would come by to visit me. I found myself growing more and more fond of Remi, he was a good wolf. Liam didn't come around. According to Remi, it was on Lander's orders, his father didn't trust him not to do something stupid around me.

The pack searched and searched and searched for traces of the rogues. It was a full-out witch-hunt.

But they found nothing.

Nada. Zip. Zilch.


Bowie was furious. He and Remi spend six days out scouting rather than three because the first time around the perimeter they found nothing and Bowie didn't believe it–so they did it again. However, Bowie and Remi found nothing, not even a footprint. There were not even traces of magic lingering in the air, which according to the 'old bats' that Lander spoke to, would be there if they had used magic to hide their scent.

It was a terrifying enigma and it drove Levi insane.

He called many of our pack-neighbors and asked them for help and intel. Only two other packs had instances of something like our attack, but in their case, it was only a sighting not an attack, and by the time patrols got there the rogues were gone along with their scents.

There was nothing we could do.

Levi did have more cameras installed all over the border and tightened up security, but it wasn't enough for him. I could see it in his eyes when he drank his coffee in the morning, the thought that rogues could harm his loved ones only drove his wolf crazy man with bloodlust.

The only good thing that came from it was that Levi slowly started taking back his title from Lander. Little by little he would take responsibilities off Lander's shoulders, which allowed Lander to function as his wolf was supposed to, as Levi's first beta. It was a relief to his wolf, you could see it visibly on him; the stress and toll that created early wrinkles on his face were no longer there, he looked more youthful, healthier.

The same applied to Levi. Lander told me that Levi's wolf would not be able to stay away from his pack for long, it was his calling, his duty. It was what his wolf was meant to do, what every fiber of his being longed to do, and it was evident in his eyes.

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