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Tara's POV (4 years old) 

I was running around my house trying to make sure everything was perfect for my Mommy's and Daddy's dinner. I set the table for them and my Mommy was cooking. My Daddy was still not home from work yet but when he does get home we have to be done. I finally finished setting the table. Just then my Daddy walk in the door and slammed it shut making me jump. My Mommy noticed because she had me get behind her. My Daddy walked in sighing heavily. That's when I knew I was going to get hurt. My Daddy sat down is his chair and waited for the food to be down.

T: "Mommy?" I whispered to my Mama. 

M: "Yes sweetie?" She whispered back.

T: "Do I get to eat tonight?"

M:"I don't think so baby."

T: "But I'm tummy hurts!"

M:"I'm sorry baby Daddy's rules."

T: "But Mama I havn't eaten in 2 days."

M: "I know hun, I know."

She countued to make the food. I held onto her leg till my Daddy called my name. 

D: "Tara!"

I looked out from behind my Mama's leg and looked at him. 

D: "Come here!"

I looked up at my Mama and she whispered for me to go. I walked over to my Daddy nad looked at him in the eyes. He then picked me up and sat me on his lap. He then kissed my cheek. 

D: "How is my little girl doing?"

T: "okay?"

D: "Just okay? What's wrong?"

T: "My tummy hurts."

D: "Why?"

T: "I havn't eatten in 2 days."

D: "Oh? Are you hungery?"

T: "Yes!"

D: "Do you want food?"

T: "Yes!"

D: "Okay. HONEY?!"

M: "Yes?"

D: "Get Tara some food!"

M: "Alright."

D: "Now come on let's get you all ready before dinner starts."

My Daddy lifted me up and brought me to my bedroom and layed me down on the bed. He then got on top of me. 

(20 minutes later) 

My Daddy brought me down stairs and I sat at the table and saw food was there for me. I wasn't hungery anymore. I just looked at my food and didn't eat. 

M: "Baby is everything alright?"

I didn't say a word. I was scared too. My Daddy was a monster. He hurt me. He raped me. 

D: "She's fine, just tired."

I didn't eat that night. So now I was 3 days without food. 

My Mommy cleaned up the table and then took me to bed. My Mommy put me in bed and saw there was blood there. She gasped and brought me to the bathroom and gave me a bath. She then left me in the bathtub with a few bubbles to play with. My Mama cleaned my bed. She then came in and helped me wash up. I think my mama knew what he did because she craddled me in her arms for hours, till my Dad came in. 

D: "Annie!" (my moms name)

M: "yes?"

D:"Come to bed now!"

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