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Do you ever wonder what it's like to be deaf?

To see the world buzzing to life around you, to see colors and faces and a swirl of activity that you can feel, taste, touch, smell, but hear...nothing?

You might think it sounds like a horrible thing. Trapped inside your own mind, unable to communicate or express yourself. Without the ability to hear, surely, would be awful. No music, no movies, no phone calls.

Maybe you feel bad for those who cannot hear. You know what they're missing, after all, because that's exactly it. They're missing something. They're lacking. They're impaired.

What if you were wrong?

What if being deaf presented you with the opportunity to see the world through an entirely unique lens? Instead of missing something, you've gained something different. The ability to see what others might not. The chance to experience life, and all of it's challenges, in a way that a majority of the world will never even begin to imagine.

Deaf doesn't mean 'broken'.

Deaf means different.


This is an unedited first draft of FRAGILE, which is now published and available in both paperback + ebook. Please consider buying a copy, as you'll be helping to make this author's dreams a reality! 


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