Chapter 1

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Rebecca Hartmann was running late for school, as usual. She was a senior in high school with only a week until graduation, making it her week of finals. Today was the day she was to take her last exam, or at least she was supposed to!

Looking down at the flat front tire that had left her stranded all the way across town from the school she frowned. It was too far to walk to school for her exam, and it was too far to walk back home! Of course, nobody was at home to take her to school anyway, because they had left the house before her!

"Well, at least I'm not afraid of a bit of dirt, and I know how to change a tire!" She grumbled.

She then walked back to the trunk of her car. Opening it up, she pulled out her tire iron and jack. Then she went to work taking off the flat front tire.

"I am so glad I know what I'm doing right now, thank you, Dad!" She grunted as she loosened the lug nuts. "I still can't believe I managed to run over a board in the middle of the road! A board with a nail in it no less! It would have been nice if whoever lost it could have picked it up though, and then I wouldn't be in this predicament!"

When the tire was finally off, she went back to grab her spare tire only...there wasn't one! Throwing up her hands in an 'I quit' motion, she let out a frustrated scream.

"Really? Where is my spare?" She yelled looking heavenward as if the clouds had the answer.

Then she stood beside the road breathing hard as she stared at the flat tire in front of her.

"Fate really has it out for me today doesn't it? Okay, Becks, we can fix this, we can!" She said trying to be positive.

She looked up the road and her mood brightened. "The new place I noticed a couple of weeks ago...what was the name again...?" She questioned herself. Not remembering, she flipped her hand in the air as she said, "Eh, whatever it's called, they fix tires. I can walk a block! I'll call the school, tell them what happened, and they'll let me take my test later today! Yeah! Yeah, that will work!"

So quickly grabbing her phone Rebecca called the school, and they agreed to let her do her final exams later that day. She let out a sigh of relief.

With that taken care of, she grabbed her purse from the car. She then started walking down the road, rolling her flat tire the best she could. She began whistling as she went because for some reason she had the feeling the day was going to end much better then it started!

Fifteen minutes later, Rebecca came to a panting stop in front of 'Vogel Parts and Tire Repair'. Wiping at the sweat on her brow, she left a black steak of tire dust. It had been more than a block to the tire place, and part of the time she had tried to carry the tire because rolling a flat tire wasn't easy! She'd ended up having quite the workout.

Taking a deep breath, Rebecca propped the tire against the wall of the building as she looked down at herself. Her white tee shirt now had black tire dust and red break dust all down the side of it, but thankfully her jeans were black. Her hands were even more filthy, but there was nothing she could do about it, so she just shrugged.

"Little bit of dirt never hurt anybody anyway!" She muttered.

Looking up, she saw the shop doors were still closed and looked at her watch, eight-thirty. Straightening up, she began looking for a sign that would tell her what time they opened. She didn't find one though and felt like growling.

Surely, I didn't come all this way just to find them not open today! That would be my luck because I have no idea where to go from here, she thought to herself.

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