{17} Unlikely Relationships

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No Rain and Cam this chapter, but more of Seiko and Xavier's relationship....

 God knows I never meant to hurt  you

I never meant to break your heart, your heart  babe...

...Never meant to take it that far...

     ...Can we start over?...

 ...I'll give you one more try

Toni Braxton & Babyface -Hurt You

Seiko's POV:

I turned over in Rain's bed stretching my arms out eliciting an "Owww," from Tay. "Promise me never to share a bed with you ever again, you snoring cow." She told me, shaking her head as she walked to Rain's bathroom.

I rolled over, rubbing my eyes as I retorted "I do NOT snore."

She shot me a look leaning in the doorway of the bathroom, laughter in her voice. "Um, I think you shook the earth with your snores." I threw a pillow at her as she escaped in the bathroom, laughing.

"Sorry, but I'm not sorry," I yelled through the bathroom door as I laughed at her reaction. I sighed as I realized there was no Rain. "Hey, where's Rain at?" I asked as I sat up, wondering where she could be. I pulled my hair around from my eyes, pulling back the covers.

I looked at the clock it was a little past twelve and I was hungry. She opened the door of my bathroom with a toothbrush in her mouth. She motioned for me to hold on a minute as I went to my closet. "Nope, haven't seen her?"

Hmm, that's odd. She was probably in the house somewhere.

I walked out my room and down the hall as I noticed Cam's door closed. Guess he was at 'Vier's house I thought to myself. He'd been staying at 'Vier's house trying to give Rain some space. Me the mini romantic at heart that I am just wanted them to work it out on their own even though I was itching to step in and just give a bit of a push. I walked downstairs to smell some pancakes.

Blueberry pancakes to be exact, which are my favorite.

 Guess who was sitting down eating my blueberry pancakes?

Xavier, that's who?

"How did you get into my house? I asked him as he picked up his orange juice. I looked at him trying to mask my feelings that happened every time I was near. I felt like my body was betraying what my brain was saying. The red t-shirt and his jeans made him look like the good-

No, stop, stop,STOP thinking that!

Don't do this-him-no, to yourself again. It didn't work the last time.

A burst of anger begins to set inside me. I looked back at his face, waiting for his answer. "Your parents let me in a little while ago and I decided to make some pancakes." He told me mater-of-factly as I went to get a plate from the cabinet as he continued to stare at me intently. I reached my hand for a plate as I shook my head.

Really, why are the plates so high?

I continued to stretch my hand up as Xavier sighed as I heard him push his chair back, "I don't need any help," I told him angrily.

I felt him come behind me and grab the plate as he turns to me, handing it to me, his hand over mine. "Yes, you do." He whispered his warm breath fanning my face. I gulped his cologne clouding my senses.

But even though he was close I was seething as I burst out, "No, NO, NO!" I raised my voice, putting the down the plate before I broke it, making my hands free. "NO, you don't need me, Xavier. I don't think you ever needed me. You needed those girls who gave you what I couldn't." I told him, hitting his chest with every statement again and again to hurt him as his strong arms encircled me capturing me in his arms bringing me closer to him. "Let me go, let me go, let me go." I protested my voice cracking as the tears started coming down my face, my chest heaving up and down.

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