Chapter 16- Sombre Secrets

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Dedicated to racheljoyalba

Quote of the day: "Life was made for us to live".

-Mahawk, New York
Avelyn Perez

-Mahawk International Airport

Taking it slow, but it's not typical
He already knows that my love is fire
His heart was a stone, but then his hands roamed
I turned him to gold and it took him higher...

Those words rang out as the lobby played music softly. I glanced at Ian to my right in his opulent black shirt and black trousers. He was looking fatally handsome and I had the urge to run my fingers through his hair. The luxurious mass all tousled on top of his head, neat in form yet a bit disheveled locks. Ignoring these new emotions, I glanced elsewhere to busy my mind.

"Excuse me, Miss". I turned to see a man...correction, a handsome fellow in a suit smiling down at me. "Can I offer to buy you a cup of coffee, tea...water?"

My initial reaction was to laugh which I did without keeping my filter in check. Who would walk up to a woman offer to buy her coffee, tea or water? Of course no one except this handsome fellow before me. He was dressed in an Italian suit, I knew it from the imports Bianca had brought in. His jawline was softly chiseled, a symmetrical nose and killer light green eyes with raven, straight hair. I blinked twice to process what was happening as I was tongue tied.

"Sure, uh...why not?" I accepted since I was awaiting Ian and his private jet. We had arrived an hour early and the jet was still getting cleaned wherever he said it was situated.

"Great! Care to join me by the table over there?" He pointed to a vacant table over to our left, close to the window where the view of the courtyard was.

"Yes", I smiled up at him and he grinned. His teeth was perfectly aligned and he smelled terrific. Of course his cologne must have costed a fortune. Guiding me along the way, I noticed that there were bodyguards in the room.

"I'll be back in a minute, would you prefer coffee or tea?" he asked smoothly before sliding my chair in for me. I said my preference before he fled off to get it. Ian must have not noticed I was gone as he was busy on the phone texting with a silly smirk on his face. I had noticed how the waitresses took double takes at him. The way women in their thousand dollar attires and artistically painted faces watched him with sultry smiles and eyes.

"Here you go", the voice of the handsome fellow brought me out of my reverie.

I smiled and took the cup of hot coffee. "Thank you. I am Avelyn Perez", I extended my hand to him which he took with a smirk plastered on his pink lips.

"Draven Armstrong", he replies with a full on smile that makes me smile brightly as well.

"Pleasure to meet you", I said before taking a sip of the coffee. "This is there butterscotch in this?" I tasted a hint of butterscotch and I knew he must have ordered it.

A grin lights up his face and he chuckles. "I thought you might not have known", he commented and took a sip of his own.

"Maybe if I weren't a cook then it might have slipped", I softly chuckled. His eyes widened a bit in surprise as he leams forwards.

"Wow, you're beautiful and can cook. Most women I know can hardly boil an egg", he remarks. I blushed a bit at his compliment before giggling at his joke. "What do you do in terms of profession?" I looked up to his handsome smile and broke into one.

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