Chapter 15- Unravel

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Inside, my heart melted a bit whilst my mind was fuming at him for lying to me. "You lied to me..." I said barely above a whisper. I saw a broken emotion pass through his eyes which now were expressive. On rare occasions those eyes would express what they truly felt but it was just my luck to be the one to never know what exactly he felt.

"I am being honest with you, Avelyn, I am terribly sorry", his voice was mellow and soft. Infact, I've never heard him speak in this manner. It was such natural and came with ease from him. I guess this was how he usually spoke to his loved ones. I would love to have him speak to me in such manner.

But we are worlds apart...never meant to be.

I sighed on the note of that heart aching thought. "I forgive you...but you can't just have me come here on such a short notice. I only came because of work purposes...Ian, I have a life outside Elliot Inc. I can't just leave what I am doing to come here to tell you about far as I am concerned, you have done your background check on me. Hence there can't be possibly be other things to me that you don't know. Infact, you don't need to know more than you already know", I rambled out with a frown before releasing a heavy sigh.

"So you do have a boyfriend...and that was him, wasn't it?" I looked up at his question. His eyes burned into my soul as he seemed angry for some reason.

"What? No", I was in confusion once again. Why is he asking me all these questions then apologising and now, he's the one with the anger?! Oh this is so pathetic! I argued with myself.

"Don't lie to me, Avelyn", Ian's voice raises an octave higher.

"Excuse me? I am not lying!" I whisper yelled at him. He turns his clenched jaw away from me and I wanted to roll my eyes. With anger penting inside of me, I took a sip of the champagne. Suddenly, my taste buds exploded in a happy fiery world of flavours. I moaned softly whilst closing my eyes and taking another gulp. I opened my eyes and a soft smile grazed my lips.

Sensing his eyes on me, I looked up. "Has anyone ever told you that you've got beautiful eyes?" He leans forward and crosses his hands on the table. I was shocked at his intended compliment however, I decided to be calm and collected.

"Besides my father there hasn't been anyone", I smiled gently. His eyes lingered on my face and I glanced elsewhere to not show how uncomfortable I was.

"It's a shame because you're a rare combination, Avy", he contradicts. I smiled feeling my cheeks heat up. "I am sorry that I've messed things up. I really wanted to have dinner with you...get to know you better and maybe, become friends", he confesses to my surprise.

"I thought at first you wanted us to be professionals", I supplied with an uneven tone.

Ian breaks into a sinful smirk and my heart drops into my stomach. I inhaled a shaky breath and at that very moment, I gave myself a mental lecture. "Professionals can be friends, Avy", he replies and lifts his glass in a toast. I studied him before smiling shortly and clinking my glass with his.

I observed that he drank whilst his eyes lingered on me over the rim of his glass. The scene was sinfully beautiful however, I took heed of the warning bells in my head. "This is really good", I had to break the awkwardness from his open staring.

He sets his glass down and hums, "Do you want to try the hors d'oeuvres?"

"Yes please". Ian suggested that I start off with the autumn fritto misto. He explained to me how the dish had originated and the recipe. We spoke lightly on our origin whereas I learnt that Ian was born in Moscow, Russia. His mother was an Spaniard and his father, a Mexican. He had no other siblings as he was the only child. I told him about my parents and siblings without having to reveal his untimely death and our present struggle.

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