Chapter 15- Unravel

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Quote of the day: "Build yourself before you build a relationship".

-Manhattan, New York
Avelyn Perez

-Dinner In A Cove

I cleared my throat, "Can you please elucidate as to why Mr. Truncabead isn't here?" It has been ten minutes since he ordered the appetizers and champagne. Ian's eyes shifted between me and his silver Luxurman watch. I noticed how unsettled he was and the tension, that had once been the choking blanket around us, subsided.

"Give me a chance, Avy", his voice low. Those goregous honey, hazel brown eyes regarded me with sincerity and warmth. I was beyond shocked and my heart was about to give up on me. His hands clasped together on the table as he leaned forth so that I can hear him. A professional distance maintained on our side however, our eyes locked in a steamy gaze.

Give him a chance for what? Why am I cold sweating right now? Oh...why does he have this affect on me? Goodness! He is insanely breath- no! Stop it Avelyn! And hey, Avy? Since when did he address me like this? No one ever called me that...oh, help me God!

A million thoughts crossed my mind yet I was speechless. "Please...", he begged. I stared at him as if he had just announced death to me.

"I don't understand", those words were said even though I was at a lost. Everything seemed to be fading and I was in a haze.

"Here you go, Mr. Elliot", a chirpy voice made me jump a bit in my seat. I snapped out of my reverie and focused my eyes on the view provided. Ian thanked the waitress in an annoyed tone before having her scurry away. I sensed that the time has come for us to be alone and chat. This scared me no less, on the other hand, I was dying inside to see where my feelings could go with Ian.

It all scares me.

I acknowledged to myself before peering at him. To my surprise, he was pouring us both a glass of champagne. I was a bit pleased to see this side of him. Given that he is always impudent towards me and never had he ever been such a gentleman. "I wanted to talk", he began, extending a glass to me.

"Thank you", I murmured taking the glass. "About what exactly?" I was terribly confused.

His eyes shifted briefly at our surrounding before settling on me. "About us", he stated.


Those two words hit me in the gut. Hard. I swallowed involuntarily and shifted in my seat as my heart thumped dangerously in my chest. "Us?" I said further.

"Drop the formality and professionalism", he says crisply, almost like when he gives his orders. "I know..." he stops and sighs before shifting his gaze to the table. "Tell me about yourself", he then says plainly.

I froze and calculated what he had just did. "Ian, if this isn't a business meeting then why am I here?" I asked in the most amiable manner I could muster. Though inside, I wanted to yell to him that he just can't order or coax me into having his way. Which by the looks of it, he is. This entire brunch was a set up. I was just asking him to reassure myself that it is.

Since he always got me tripping!

My sub-conscious chided. I heard him clear his throat and he released another breath. "Avelyn, I lied to get you here because if I'd ask you to come, you'd never accepted...that's a bit selfish on my part but I really want to amend what I had done to you. I asked you out to dinner amd I hadn't evdn showed up. That wasn't very chivalrous of me however, it is in my heart to apologise for my deed. Will you forgive me?" He ended with a question however, his tone was subtle in the sweetest way possible.

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