Chapter 14- Longing

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Quote of the day: "Love has its ways".

-Manhattan, New York
Avelyn Perez

-Perez Apartment

Ralph sauntered throughout my kitchen whilst I surfed the internet on my old laptop. "Babe, you seriously need to get a new laptop", Ralph stated as he brought forth a tray with freshly made Chai tea. I had requested it over the phone and so Ralph came over. Also, he was the only one I'd trust in my kitchen...yes, the kitchen was my sacred place.

He sets the tray down and pours me a cup. "Honestly, I am up to my neck with bills and other payments. Buying something isn't on the yet".

"I figured as much..." he gave me a cup to which I thanked him, before he set himself down beside me. "How is the situation with Miranda?"

"Last night I spoke to her on the phone and she said she'll be home in two days. Apparently she's dating her boss and is having the best time of her life", I sighed heavily. Wrapping my hands around the warm cup, I sniffed its deliciousness. The aroma of the cinnamon was prominent as well as the cloves. I heard a chuckle come from Ralph and I snapped my eyes open and whipped my head to his side.

There was a gentle smile on his face. "I like seeing you happy, Ave", he says softly before raising his glass and clinking it with mine. I chuckled and took a sip of the tea.

The flavours hit me like a tsunami. The peppercorns, ginger and cardamom along with the cinnamon and the cloves, was in its own heavenly blend. The distinct balance between the spices and the sweetness of the tea complimented with just the right amount of milk.

"Thank you for doing this for me", I said feeling appreciative of Ralph.

He smiled and placed a hand over mine. "You're my best friend, Ave..." his grin alone says how happy he is. I resumed searching the web for mediocre houses to purchase. There were simple mediterranean designs which costed the average fifty to ninety thousand dollars. However, that may be cutting it too much into my bank account. I basically wanted the average floor plan put into three dimensional shape and call it a 'home'.

"I've seen three places so far which I have to call to make inquiries. I think that within a week I can buy it...I mean, I paid off the loan on my car. That leaves me with the monthly bills and just this to take care of", I finished the tea and gestured for more my very own sheepish manner. Ralph pours me another cup whilst chuckling to himself, as I then began making some calls.

It took me half an hour over the phone to schedule dates to go and pay a site visit to the three homes. They were more located on the rural side of New York but the distance wasn't that bad compared to being states away. It was difficult enough to locate the homes at a low budget moreso to actually hustle to get to work to and from.

Just as I was finished, the doorbell rang however I was busy packing my files away so Ralph answered it for me. Surprisingly, I found it strange that Ralph was taking a bit too long at the door and I was hearing two voices. One of which belonged to Raloh yet the other a bit dark for my liking. It sent chills down my spine as I overheard faint discussion. Whilst carrying the folders to my room I noticed a suit clad body by the door. My heart skipped a beat as I placed the files down and walked up to see what was the faint silent commotion about. Ralph, on the other hand, glanced at me with a suggestive wink as he gave me the view of my guest.


The air was knocked out of my lungs as I snapped my eyes to Ralph, who now was giving me the eye for Ian. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at him as I walked to the door to welcome Ian in. The instinctive pleasantry from professionalism practice kicked in. Ralph excused himself to go cook lunch. I neared the door and felt the tension thicken between us. "Ian..." I was at a lost as to what should I say next so his name seemed the only choice.

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