Chapter 5

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*Andrew Pov*

Simon! Simon! Simon! Who is this Simon anyway? He seems to be perfect at everything if we look outer side. However, everything does not seem to be so simple.

Where is he now when his girlfriend is missing for the past few days? How did her father know about the location to which he called her to.

I turned around with all questions in my head towards her to ask her each and everyone. Which totally stopped when I saw her eating the fish like it is heaven.

She has this very excitement, expression which must be because of the fish. I don't think I should ask her any of these questions.

She seems to be too innocent to bear all these doubts in her mind when she knows only one thing and that is to praise this Simon.

I need to meet him soon and know regarding all this from him only either with a gun pointed to his head or with a handshake depending on his act if I ever get a chance.

"What is it?" I heard her voice and came out of my thoughts to see her staring at me.

"What?" I asked her back, frowning.

"You are staring at me. Is something on my face?" she asked frowning.

"Yes! Dirt is there." I replied to cover my thoughts and she gave a shocked look before slowly her eyes started watering.

"What did I tell you about crying?" I asked, feeling like some very old person scolding a kid.

God! I am really old? I thought, frowning to myself ignoring her and started repeating our conversation from earlier.

I am old! How did these eight years pass without me knowing them at all? Who would have thought every day adventure and anger can skip the time in this way?

"Then what you said is also wrong right." I heard her voice to which I nodded but continued to think.

This is my past time which I do everyday, but today is the first time I am doing, regarding the things I didn't care. Like for instance, my age, which seemed to be fine until this woman opened her mouth.

I stood up from my place and started walking a little away talking to myself that a guy shouldn't think about his age like that. With age, they actually get better, right?

"What is it? Am I being burden to you? Are you thinking about making me leave from here?" she continued to ask each question after one another making me feel irritated.

Here I am thinking about some important thing and she is asking all these stupid questions.

"No! Now, shut up and finish your food." I shouted before walking more towards the water.

I washed my face and sat near the stone for some time with closed eyes before turning towards the forest and looking at it.

I don't know why, but it feels like this is not my place anymore. It was fine until she entered here as it was only me, but now it feels like the privacy is gone and that there are too many people in here.

Well, her crying can be compared to too many people for sure! I thought and chuckled before realizing that I shouted at her.

God! Now, is she crying there? I thought to myself and started walking back towards the place where we sat.

"Where is she?" I mumbled to myself looking around finding her place empty and she is not anywhere else.

I tried to hear the sounds around, but her voice or even crying is not there. Where did she walk off and where could she?

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