“Good day?”  I asked, and then laughed at the face she pulled.  Chelsea wasn’t a particularly bright girl, and her forte was drama and music, as was mine.  Oh, and maths.  I’m okay at maths.  But Chelsea couldn’t wait for her last year, sixth year, where she only had to take three subjects and community service.  She already had it planned!  Advanced Higher Music, Advanced Higher Drama, Intermediate Two Art and for Community Service she would help in the Drama department, like a friend of hers, Simon.

Simon was sexy.  That was actually his nickname: Sexy Simon.  He also attended drama with us, and he never really noticed me.  I was kind of in the background.  Which suited me perfectly!  It gave me a chance to look at him, and observe him properly.  Sexy Simon suited his name perfectly.  He really seemed like a ‘Simon’ kind of bloke, y’know?  He had perfectly straightened brown hair directed to one side of his face, always wearing his purple leavers hoodie with ‘Sexy Simon’ on the back of it (it was a dare: Sexy Simon, or Si-Mong).  He was a laugh.

Walking the remaining distance to the village hall, Chelz and I talked about the film that I had wanted to see with Tiff at the weekend.  Knowing Tiff wouldn’t mind, seeing as Chelz and Tiff also got on really well, I invited Chelsea along with us.

We darted into the nearest co-op and went straight for the photo booth, a little tradition: we would go to this photo booth once a month, and tonight was our photo booth night.

“Here, what’s going on with Tiff and Robbie?  Are they shaggin’ yet?”

Typical Chelz, she was always blunt and straight to the point.  She never tried to downplay things, or be sly about things, nope, not Chelz.  She said what she meant, all the time.

We collected the photos, eight each, and headed out to the village hall.

“Nah,” I told her laughing, “they’ve not admitted their undying love for each other yet.”

“Oh for duck’s sake!”  Chelsea exclaimed.  Chelsea tried not to swear, so inserted other words for swear words – for example, duck.  There was also, ‘sugar and spice’ ‘poo-head’ ‘poo-headed willy’ and so on.

“My feelings exactly,” I told her as we walked into the village hall.

“CHELZ!”  Simon yelled, as Chelsea ran into his arms and he spun her around as she shrieked with laughter and delight.  I laughed and settled down on the floor, waiting for Simon and Chelsea to join me.  As Simon walked over to me with Chelsea, there was a different look in his eyes, and I couldn’t place what it was.  Simon plonked himself on the floor beside Chelsea, and I was on his other side.  He leaned to one side and put an arm around my back, so that he was leaning in my direction.

“Hey,” he said, winking.

Smiling at him, I said meekly, “hey.”

We were told to separate into pairs, and I’d usually go with Chelz, but our teacher, Cath, had said we had to be in ‘boy-girl’ pairs.  Which meant that unless Chelsea was secretly a boy we couldn’t go in a pair.  So I ended up, weirdly, with Sexy Simon.

“I thought you’d partner Chelz,” I said warily.  I was rather confused as to how this could have happened.  ‘This’ being partnered with Simon.

“Aww, Chelz said she wanted to work with Danny tonight,” Simon explained, pointing to Chelsea who was fluttering her eyelashes at a gorgeous red-headed boy.  That was Danny: very desirable with very good acting skills.

“Wonder why,” I said, laughing.

“She said something about Danny having skills…”

We laughed together and I listened closely to Simon’s melodic laugh – it sounded quite beautiful, actually.  Cath then told us each group had to come up with a short play with only two people in it.  It didn’t have a set theme, and the only rule was that we could only be one character – so there could only be two characters in the story.

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