Part 64 💦

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"Okay now the furthest i'm gonna let you go is 5 buildings away. alright?" Leo told Rosie. She nodded as she understood. She jumped over too the next building then to the next. She saw someone on the next building. It was a Blond girl with pail skin writing in something. She walked up to her slowly looking for any kind of danger. She was about 8 feet away. "Hai!" Rosie greeting happily. The girl jumped as she heard a random happy voice from behind herself. She looked over her shoulder. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. IT was dark and the only thing illuminating the place was a street light. What the girl saw wasn't exactly Rose but a monster. Allot of shadows covered Rose's face to make it scarier. And as Rose lifted her hand up to wave, all the girl saw was Claws on a four fingered freak. The girl screamed as she ran away down the fire escape. Rose jumped back out of the girls reaction. Rosie was extremely confused. She didn't wanna be around someone that would scream for no reason so she left the area back to the turtles talking. "Hey uncle leo. ^>^" she greeted. "What was that scream?" he asked concerned. "I'm not sure." "Did you witness it?" Don asked. "wit-ness?" "See..Did you see it." "yes" "..." Don was silent "Did you cause it?" "Leo asked. she shrugged. Leo looked to his side as he licked his lips "Alright, come on lets get you home." "Kay kay ( kk )." She jumped roofs with them as they left the area. "IT WAS UP HERE! IT was terrifiying! Like it wanted to eat my soul!" Sheldon was being pulled by his step sister's hand. They stood on the roof only feeling the warm air hit their faces. It was actually really refreshing. "There's nothing here." "No but there was!" The little 13 year old complained. "Ariel, nothings up here. Drop it." "NO! I KNEW WHAT I SAW!" "you KNOW what you saw." "can you not correct me right now." he sighed "alright, where did you see this scary monster." He waved his hands around unenthusiastically. she walked over to the wooden barrel of where she was sitting. "Over here, It randomly said Hi really happily. Then It tried to touch me!" "Maybe we got a new druggie in the building is all. Come on, mom wants you to empty the dishwasher anyways." the little girl watches Sheldon walk onto the fire escape as she then turned her head towards the barrel.

You were standing next to your friend in her coma as the window was open blowing fresh dewy filled night air. You breathed out your nose as you put the 30th rose in the bookay thats been created over a time laps. You sat down in the chair next to her as you put your hand on the chair's arm. you looked at your friend breathing through a breathing face mask. You could see small fog across her nostril area. You sat there for 45 minutes before you left. You then left as you were the last person to leave the facility other than the man at the front desk. You looked around you outside as you put your hands on your upper arms. No one was really around. which didn't ease you. most violent attacks happen when no one is around. You stepped lightly as you watched every alley you pasted. Then in the middle of the street you walked over to the man hole. It was heavy and hard to move as you were panicking feeling eyes watching you. Then you tried hurrying the process but it slipped out of your sweaty hands and slammed on them. You screeched as you then a burst of energy went through your body as you became angry and frustrated. You lifted it and then slid it. You walked down the ladder then took your one hand and put your fingers through the holes and slid it above your head.
You walked into the turtles home and saw Raphael doing push ups as Rose was on his back sitting like a teenage girl reading magazine on her bed But without the magazines. You smiled and sat like a pretzel 3 feet in front of raph. he looked up to see you as he had a toothpick in his mouth. "hey" a crooked rose to his face. "hey" as a cooled smile rose to yours. Leo was looking at You & raphael. His heart still broken yearning for you from afar. he looked down at his cereal as his thoughts went into DayDreaming.

You walked into the room as Leo was sitting at the island eating cereal. you walked up to him kissing his cheek "aye" he greeted as his one eye was closed and the other opened as a crooked smile rose to his face. "hey whatcha doin." "eating some skeereal (cereal)." "Ahh i seee that.." you looked down at his bowl. "How about we leave that bowl anddd go do something more funn.." your words caught his attention. He turned around and put his elbows on the island. "oh and whats that?" You climbed up on his knee then spread your pelvis to where you were on both of his thighs. you put your lips against his feeling himself lean forward a bit to kiss you. You put your hands on his shoulders as they rubbed down to his biceps then up to his shoulders. Then He picked you up with one arm and the other swept everything off the island. Breaking the bowl of cereal. He placed you on the table. he ripped open your shirt as your hands were on his Chest.

Donnie and mikey were looking from different directions but they just looked at Leo stare out into space. "He's been like that for 45 minutes.." donnie told mikey quietly. "its getting creepy, He's been doing this for weeks now. Do you think something's wrong." Mikey looked at his older brother. Donnie shrugged as then licked a poptart before biting into it.

"hey donnie!" you waved over to him. He waved back with a goofy smile. You smiled do his smile. leo got up from his stool to realize he'd been starring again. He blames it on Guilt. He walked into his room, closing the door behind himself. He pulled out a book slid between the wall and the backing of his bed. he clicked a pen with his thumb as he wrote at a desk in his room. (yes he has a desk.)

Journal entry,
hey, Its me again. I've been dealing with some heavy stuff. my shoulders are killing me. Wonder if stress in the mind creates strains in the body.. I dunno. well awhile ago. I did call up Angelina. And one thing led to another. and yea...And i feel bad cause even though i'm not dating y/n; i feel like i cheated on her. I mean. wow. angelina was amazing. but I still love y/n the most. I've been calling angelina every week but nothing has come back from her. Wonder if she's okay. :( But me and Angelina have agreed to benefits with friends..kinda deal. I'll write later..

Leo closed his book and layed his head on his desk as he exhailed...

To be continued...

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