Chapter 37

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That is the best word to explain the scene right in front of me. Asher and his Father was just standing, and staring at each other.

Asher was giving him a death glare, while the man just stood there with a blank face.

And it was absolutely quiet, no one said a word.

"You're dismiss." Asher finally spoke up to everyone.

It took a minute for everyone to process his words and no one moved.

"NOW!!" He yelled at the unmoving crowd. However when they heard his voice boom through the room everyone got up including me.

All of us scurried out of the room leaving them alone. Once we walked out everyone went into different directions.

Even Tracey and Jason left together in another direction. I just stood out the door not knowing what to do.

Finally with hearing nothing and doing nothing. I decided to leave where I was and go scope the building.

I went to the elevator, and pushed every button, and walked around every floor.

30 minutes later

I was now going up to the floor that we held the meeting at.

It was so crazy to me. Asher was so successful in his career. He had everything in order.

It just surprised me that he even asked me to move in, and have me involved. Someone like Asher don't usually do things for people, like he did for me.

The door opened signaling a bell. Right when I looked up I saw Asher coming towards me.

"Where were you!?" He yelled at me

"I was just scoping around the building." I said shrugging my shoulders.

"What did I say about leaving Natalia! How many times do I have to tell you!" He said rasing his voice.

"I-" I was going to respond but he interrupted me.

"You need to tell me where your going." He said finally.

Usually I would of got mad, argue until one of us wins, or give Asher disgusting looks.

At the fact that he's yelling at me. However this time was different.

It was more of a concern, then being frustrated. I think he actually thought something happend to me.

Which didn't make sense because I was in his building, and around people that he hired.


But I looked down and smiled just at the thought that he was worried.

"Sorry Sir." I said faintly

"Asher when will I ever see you not yelling at your workers!" A women came down the hall clicking her heels.

She looked so beautiful she had long brown hair, with blue eyes. She had a bright smile, and elegant figure to match.

She looked like she was at least in her late 40's or early 50's.

She stopped right in front of us turning towards Asher.

"Stop yelling at this poor girl."

I looked at Asher rolling his eyes and gave the women a glare.

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