Chapter Eight

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Chapter Eight

The next day turned out to be a slow one. I stayed locked in my bedroom all day. I skipped school with the excuse to my aunt, saying I was unwell and just lay in my bed, staring out of the window which over looked the front garden, yet I didn't notice anything it had to offer. My mind was elsewhere, somewhere I didn't want it dwell. And yet, it refused to come back to the here and now, always returning back to the past, to the night I lost everything.

I had stopped crying long before I fell asleep and I hadn't started it up again. I couldn't cry any more. So I just stared, not seeing anything. I did wonder from time to time, where Caleb could be. A small part of me hoped he had disappeared and left for good. I hadn't seen or heard of him since our little encounter in the attic.

It was well into the evening, the sun was setting, casting hazy yellow and orange glows in my room, when I heard a slight noise, a quiet shuffle in the corner of my room. I knew immediately what it was, or rather who it was. I didn't bother to turn my head to check. Instead I remained looking out the window, watching the different colours in the sky.

“I came to apologise for my behaviour last night. It was inexcusable. I should never have said those things to you.” He sounded sincere enough, but I couldn't respond to him. I was rooted to the spot where I lay, my gaze fixed on some unseeing object.

“I was wrong, so dreadfully wrong. You have helped in more ways than anyone has ever done for me, both when I had a real body and as this 'ghost guy'.” I could hear the faint smile in his voice as he used my nickname for him. “You were right. I do not know you. I do not know what you have been through and I certainly did not mean to cause any harm or offense to you. And for that, I am so very, deeply sorry.”

I still didn't say anything. I couldn't even if I wanted to. I felt as though I had lost my voice as I shed my tears last night. My heart wrenching grief had robbed me of my ability to speak, or even look at him. But although I couldn't say anything to him, I could tell he meant what he was saying. He was sorry. I knew that if I turned to see his face, it would be filled with self loathing for being the cause to my current state.

After a moment of silence, when I still didn't acknowledge him, I heard him move slightly towards me, slowly as though not to frighten me. I could tell that he had sat down on the bed besides me, even if I couldn't feel his weight on the bed; after all, he was weightless. I felt a patch of warmth on my arm where he put his hand on it, as though to comfort me. I didn't realise how cold I felt until he touched me, his hand radiating heat into my worn out body. I could tell that he felt me shiver and I knew he saw the solitary tear run down my face, falling into my unkempt hair.

The next thing I knew, I was engulfed in his warmth as he lay down behind me, pulling me closer to him. I couldn't feel his arms tighten around me, as though you would with a normal person, but I could feel the tingles run like electricity through my bones, and I felt his warmth surround me completely. I couldn't hold on any more and I didn't want to, so I let go and let the tears fall down my face without caring that, for once in so many years, I was crying in front of someone and I was letting them comfort me. I could feel him stroke my hair and heard him trying to sooth me. I even felt him rock me backwards and forwards ever so slightly, all the while still holding me and never once letting go.

“Everything will be all right. I'm right here. You'll be okay, I promise,” he whispered, repeating this over and over.

And before I knew it, a warm darkness I had never felt before, took over and I was lost in it.

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