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Okay, hello to everyone who has enjoyed this story so far, it just gets better from here but there are a few very important things that you need to know.

So One, All of the chapter titles are titles or lyrics from a Song that fits with the chapter, and i'll probably post a vid of the song on the side everytime listen to them if you want to...whatever really.

Two, This story is presented in two parts. This is for a very important reason that you will see in the very beginning of part Two.

Third, AND MOST IMPORTANT!- I don't know if most of you knew this or not, so i am going to restate it. I finished writting TDWMWTDIFFY In March of 2011, and I started writting BIKTNLAY in April 2011, so this story is NOT finished, i am currently writting chapter Twenty Three of Part one for BIKTNLAY right now, so once i get caught up on updating the chapters on here...chapters probably won't be uploaded as often as they have been, since all i've had to do so far on here is just upload it and not actually having to write it.

Few other side notes: Timber (Tom's Dog) Is actually a girl...I didn't find out the gender till later and too late to change it, There is Some sexual content, Cursing, and Gay Reffrences in this story so just a warning.The title is based off of Daughtry's 'Life After You', you can watch the trailer on the last chapter of TDWMWTDIFFY.

Thank you if you read all of that, it is pretty important, and thank you if you have decided to continue reading about Tom and Cassie, it seriously only gets better. So please enjoy it, vote it, comment it, fan it, you get the idea.


Inspired song: It's Your Love by; Tim Mcgraw Ft. Faith Hill

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Part 1

Chapter One- It’s Your Love

The clouds were darker, as was the sky, as I looked up from the book and outside the coffee shop’s tinted window. A storm was on its way, painting the clouds in it’s gloominess. The light rain started to drizzle onto the windows exterior. I sighed, this storm had held itself all week and now it’s decided to rain.

I closed the book and stared at the cover. I had read it so many times that the binding was now really pitiful. No one can blame me though ‘Pride and Prejudice’ is a classic, and I am a book alcoholic.

All of a sudden the thought of standing up in a therapy group session and saying ‘Hello my name is Cassie and I am a book alcoholic’ flashes into my mind and I hold in a laugh.

“Can I get you anything else Miss?” A young girl asked me, eyes towards the empty coffee cup.

“Oh…” I stare at the cup, debating whether I should have another or quit while I’m ahead, then smile up at her “No I’m fine thank you”

She smiled politely and started to turn away, then did a slow double take a wide smile spreading across her face. “Congratulations”

I stare at her dumbfounded. Congratulations for what? Finishing my third cup of coffee of the day? “For what?”

“The ring” She hinted pointing at the diamond ring resting on my left ring finger.

I brush some of my blonde curls out of my face, feeling rather foolish “Right, thank you”

She only nodded and went back to work.

I still wasn’t use to the fact that I was engaged. It didn’t seem real to me, or at least it hadn’t hit me yet…everything was still the same.

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