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      I scanned the room, trying to find that one of a kind best friend of mine. Everyone acted so poise that it made me feels like swallowing my own vomit. Why you might ask? Because I don't belong in this kind of party, I belong in my own room drinking cheap wine, munching on pizzas while binge-watching to 'Elementary' . This event was only for the rich! Who in this case, was my best friend and definately not me.

She forced me, even blacked mailed me with my seventeen year old photo at the pool to cancel my date tonight, just to drag me to this party that her dad was hosting. But she clearly forgot the memo that I was always unfamiliar with this kind of event and what was worst, she ditched me towards the middle of it.

That photo should have been burnt ages ago. I didnt know how she ended up with them. Yes, them. It was during one of the high school pool party and the first time I ever drank. It was a blurry night, but those pictures were constant reminder why I avoided drunk-drinking in public now. I was wearing a one-piece bathing suit, due to my lack of confidence, while throwing up at one of the hottest senior by the dock. Thalia took care of me, but that picture she found on the school facebook page, was her gate away to get me into doing things with her. What a cruel woman she was.

I decided that there was no point of looking for Thalia in this crowd, I walked over to the bar and ordered a glass of wine, something I couldnt get drunk on, when you were a trained alcoholic. Trained for being responsible. I sipped it with the most pious manner, just in case someone was watching. Scanning the room from my seat one more time before I finally gave up. Everyone was having a great time except me, and I wished I could go home and order a pizza instead. Just the thought made my stomach grumbled internally.

My eyes roamed over the fancy room yet once again just to see my luck, when it landed at a handsome young man. He was surrounded with the most elegant women I had ever seen. They would laugh in a manner that seems fake in the eyes of a third party, and stumbled little touches across his broad shoulders or chest.

It made me wonder.

How did all these girls get that pretty? I can't even put on proper nail polish without leaving bits of paints on my skin.

Then I remembered, they were probably fucking rich to have people do their nails, perhaps even cut their nails.

I didn't know why I was such a bitter motherfucker, but life was never fair for me.

I watched him more closely, noticing the smile that doesn't quite reach his eyes. All the women throwing themselves at him was obviously pathetic, I'm not even that desperate. He might be good looking but everything about him screams Christian Grey, and he looked exactly just like the kind of man who would tape your mouth and tie your hand to a dashboard of a bed. Nothing about it turns me on, and I might be referencing Grey cause I recently finished El James' fifty shades series. Not one of my favorites, but I had to see what the hype was all about, and quite frankly I was hooked by the cheesy drama and continued.

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