Chapter. 11

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My chest grew tighter and tighter, that morning before uni my entire body ached and throbbed with pain and pleasure; the slightest thought of him made me grow more and more aroused. Hayley hadn't quit her persistent questions about how last night went with Ashton, and if truth be told I didn't really want to spill all of the gory details.

I stared at my appearance in the mirror, annualizing every insignificant detail and imperfection on my features, questioning with myself what he ultimately found attractive. Raking through the bag of makeup I owned Hayley makes her presence known with a slight cough; she stood in the doorway to the bathroom with a smug look on her face. "So since you're not letting on how last night went, I'm going to assume well if you're dolling yourself up this morning for him" she giggles taking the final mouthful of her coffee.

"If you must know, yes it was amazing" My cheeks flush a pale shade of pink as I return my gaze to the makeup bag. "I'm just a little worried about how todays going to play out. Last night was incredible and I don't want to ruin anything" I shrug

"Ally you're not going to ruin anything; he's risking his job to be with you I'm sure there's nothing you could do to change his mind" she smiles coming into the bathroom to embrace me in a hug "although"

"What? What's with 'although' in that tone?" I ask, worried about what she might be up to

"Luna wanted you to meet your date for the end of term dance, I mean that's a way for you to not look like you're sleeping with your teacher,  but it's shit if he's the jealous type" she instantly removes her arms from me, already thinking about how this would play out "I wasn't there with that whole Marcus thing but from what you told me he's already pretty protective over you"

"So Luna's got me meeting this Michael boy? Do I really need to go with him,  like I didn't even ask her to set me up with anyone?" I let out a rather large sigh putting the makeup bag back into the cupboard

"You know what she's like" Hayley frowns, resuming her leaning position in the doorway, pondering over the whole situation, as was I worried about how everything was going to play out.

Once Hayley and I were ready I'd driven us both down to the campus, meeting up with Cassie and Luke in our usual spot who had already purchased our coffees for us. They looked happy...normal, I wished that Mr Irwin and I could have such happiness, but I knew a time like that was far off into the future, a future we may not even reach. Taking a sip from my boiling hot cup I see him, strolling casually through the reception area with his jacket slung over his forearm, he wore his usual crisp white shirt and tie and already his gaze was on me. A burning intense stare that saw right through me and everything that I was, he completely infatuated me with lust and desire and I thought of nothing else but him.

"So did Cassie not tell you guys the big news then?" Luke piped up as he clearly noticed I wasn't paying attention

"What news?" I ask, trying to peel my eyes from the god like stature that took over every ounce of sanity I had

"The news were Ella sent Luke a nude on snapchat" Cassie's tone sharp and angry, my eyes widened in complete shock, that really didn't sound like Ella, although she had been acting rather strange lately.

"Are you serious?" I gasp looking from Luke to Cassie, she rolled her eyes, letting out a heavy sigh "That girl is becoming rather unhinged"

"You're telling me, Hayley told me yesterday that she told Mr Jessop that you and Mr Irwin were sleeping together, just because she wants the class rep position, well she's not going to get anything with that attitude" I could tell that Cassie was on the verge of exploding, and if she and Ella crossed paths today there would be some serious fighting taking place.

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