Chapter 35 (MHIAMB : Death and New Beginning)



Alyana's PoV



Flashback :


I was hesitant to consult a specialist nung una, but every sleepless night is a burden. And so I did.


"Huwag ho kayong mag-alala Mam, hindi maglalaon babalik din ho ng tuluyan ang memorya nyo."


"but how long?" tanong ko.


"I don't know M'am, I'm sorry."



End of Flashback :

Nung una akala ko nababaliw lang ako. But after my first check up and nalaman kong nagkaroon ako ng major head injury at naapektuhan ang memory ko, I know something's wrong with me. And I know na connected lahat yun sa nakaaraan ko.

So I decided to look for my real identity.

Flashback :


It's late in the evening, when I entered one place that I've seen on my dreams.


Lahat ng madaanan kong hallway, stairs, and everything seems familiar, pero hanggang dun lang.


Maybe I've been here, but why?


"why are you here?"


A female voice break my thoughts. "You are?" I asked.


"are you nuts? pumunta ka dito without knowing kung anong pinasok mo?"


"i'm looking for answers to my questions" I stated.


"so you think this place could answer your questions? hahaha you're funny, do you know how dangerous here?"


dangerous? naaalala ko sa panaginip ko na nandito ako at may kausap na lalake. Saying "I love you" and likes. So how could this be a dangerous place?


"No" I said.


"well, since you're here, there's no way you can get out. Unless you do me a favor."


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