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"Dr. Marks! Get over here!"


I scurried across the hard metal floor with the tools of my partners latest invention of a newer, better microwave, setting them down on his workbench I sighed as he lazily gazed up at me with his usual snide expression.

"Can you move any slower?"

I clenched my jaw, wanting to shove those microwave pieces where the sun doesn't shine but I couldn't, I have to keep this job for now until I can get on my feet.

One day I will have a job over his head and make him do all my little boring odd jobs then put him down for not doing them quick enough.

Lazy ass jerk.

However, for now I'm stuck as a measly lab assistant, stuck doing his little tasks and dirty work he's too lazy to get up and do himself, and all for the love of freaking microwaves.


Moving my hair out of my eyes, I sit down at the computer and study hard for the next exam I had to pass in order to qualify for a promotion, just the math portion is making me dizzy.

I have worked my whole life in robotics and engineering so I could get high up in the companies and make a name for myself, one day I will create real robots, people like Dr. Will will have to praise me one day.

One day.

I typed slowly on the keys while listening to Dr. Will yell and scream at his contraption because the toast keeps burning on one side every single time he turns it on.

I laughed silently to myself at his ultimate failure, it's a microwave, how much can you really alter it before it gets dumb.

Silently sipping my coffee and mentally making fun of Dr. Will's very existence, I almost spit the hot drink on the computer screen as the CEO's assistant of the company walked up to my desk and spoke in a gruff, dry voice.

"Come with me, Miss Marks."



The CEO'S assistants were well known around the area, they all walked the halls with us, their stiff demeanor causing everyone to shy away from them, The CEO is someone you never meet amd if you do, it's trouble.

They were like a secret cult of some kind, they all looked the same, white suits, expensive shoes, buzzed cut hair and black spy glasses.

They're terrifying.

Dr. Will stared at me in shock as I took a deep breath and nodded slowly, buttoning my lab coat together and began walking with him down the long white hallways, my chest clutched in fear.

What could this be about?..

Am I being shipped away to Siberia?

I don't do well in the cold.

Shaded in utter silence I listened to his expensive shoes tap along the stagnant white tile floor, I swear I can literally hear my heart beating in my chest, the silence is killing me.

Okay calm down Emily, maybe it's for something normal?

Maybe we had a breakthrough in the microwave industry and I'm getting an award.

The hallways seemed to go on forever, the walls beginning to blend in with the white and black speckled srltandard tiles, the air conditioner the only noise as we walked up and down each hallway and staircase.

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