Chapter 3 Blood lust meeting

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Naruto: ahhhhh!

mysterious man: sharingan!

boom!(loud explosion occurse)

mysterious man: i didn't know the nine tails would be this hard to control

(panting and clothes torn up,mask cracked reveling most of his face)

Naruto nine tails cloaked state:Roar!!!!!!

(door opens to a random voice"my so this the nines tails chakara state i presumed")

Mysterious man: What do you want kabuto, i'm dealing with something at the moment!?

Kabuto: just a bit curious is all and by the way our guess have arrived

Mysterious man :hmm........ill be there in just let me finish up things here

kabuto: as you wish master obito

Obito:tssk!Grunts at kabuto

kabuto: Im sorry is there something wrong?(grins)

Obito: mangekyo sharingan!(places naruto under genjutsu to control the nine tails)

Obito: Five pronged seal!

(naruto nine tails chakara has been repressed from the seal, now he lays unconscious)

(kabuto thinks to himself"interesting" and walks away)

Obito: kabuto

(Kabuto stops and turns round)

Kabuto: Yes

Obito: if you ever mention my name again i will incinerate you

(makes a serious face at kabuto, kabuto's body sweating and trembling staring into the tattooed ruby glistening eyes of the mangekyou sharingan)

(kabuto pulls himself together and manages to get words out of his mouth)

Kabuto: looks like i struck a nerve ill be be careful(grinning)

(continues his walk off)

kabuto: someday i will come for all of them, but my current body is imperfect so that day will have to wait

Location:(Meeting room)

demon brothers: so are we here for, and where is orochimaru!

kabuto: patience the meeting hasn't started yet we are still waiting on the others to be present

demon brothers : others? we weren't informed of others!

zabuza: quite down gozu and meizu before i oder haku to slaughter you both, i would do it my self but your blood is not worth touching my sword(Kubikiribōchō).

haku: ready to execute zabuza

demon brothers: are we that disposable zabuza?

Zabuza: ask yourselves are you acceptable candidates to replace haku

Demon brothers: humph, tssk

zabuza: where is orochimaru exactly kabuto he's got some explaining to do on what this curse mark he gave haku and the demon brothers

Kabuto: right now he's on a mission in the land of fire's hidden leaf village

Zabuza: what is he suppose to be doing on this mission

kabuto: the details i don't have, all i know is that it is extremely important to him. any ways he left two days ago so he should be here soon to discuss mission details.

zabuza: hmm(began to think back)

Flash back:

location(forest shrouded in mist)

haku: zabuza there's someone on our trail

Zabuza: yeah i know

Zabuza: we know your out there, however you sure traveled a far way to die

Orochimaru: haha you live up to your reputation demon of hidden mist (zabuza momochi)

Zabuza: what are you doing here orochimaru!?, stay on guard haku this guy is dangerous.

Haku: aye!(thinks to himself) i haven't seen lord zabuza like this in a while.

Orochimaru: (jumps out of trees)relax i didn't come here to fight, more so to negotiate i spared these two lives to prove it.

(drops the two beat up demon brothers on the ground)

Zabuza: its okay haku stand down

Orochimaru: excalent, so i heard you you were hiring mercenary to stage a Coup d'état (assassination,takeover)on your own hidden mist village

Zabuza: you heard right but whats it to you? You plan getting in my way if so ill cut you down right now

Orochimaru: I have no reason to do so, actually i'm willing to offer my assistance

Zabuza: you help me? haha and at what cost?

Orochimaru: your assistance of course

Zabuza: what are you planning

Orochimaru: i plan on staging my own Coup d'état on the village hidden in the leaves

Zabuza: konaha? are you insane? you'll be killed in instant!

Orochimaru: That's why i need your unique ability of the hidden mist jutsu for this job

Zabuza: there are others that can use the same jutsu as mine

Orochimaru: you and i both know that there are no replacements for yours

Zabuza: hmm

Haku: is he really to be trusted lord zabuza?

Orochimaru: your the child haku i presume, i am especially interested in you(licks his lips). Can i have a go at him zabuza?

Zabuza: he is only a weapon to me do as you please

Haku: i will show you why i am lord zabuza's weapon

Haku: ninja art thousand needles of death!

Orochimaru: To slow

(begins to dig under ground)

Haku: huh? where'd he.....

Orochimaru: (appears behind him) hehe then bites haku's neck

Haku: ahhhh!!!

Zabuza: so what did you do to him?

Orochimaru: i gave him a bit of my power same goes for those two demon brothers

Zabuza: so will they die?

Orochimaru: if they're strong enough they won't, besides i did you a favor of giving you stronger foot soldiers if your still interested after seeing there new power come to my hideout a month from now ill be having the meeting there.

Orochimaru:(grins) later

( disappears back into trees)

Zabuza: hmm(stares at haku) This better be worth it .

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