Chapter 14 Nathan's Confession

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I pulled around to the back of the coffee shop where I normally parked for work. It was so weird not coming here nearly everyday.

Marcus had of course discussed with my manager that I would be absent for the time being and got me a replacement until I would resume my position at work. My manager who was easily persuaded, (Especially by attractive men in expensive suits) and just nodded mouth open, up at Marcus while I protested in the background.

I shook my head bringing my self back to the present day.

I needed to put Marcus as far from my mind as possible, especially since I was meeting with my former romantic fantasy. I honestly didn't know how else to put it since he never got the chance to acknowledge my attraction for him. I wondered what Nathan would look like now? I mean of course I had briefly seen a few pictures but that didn't really count.

It had been nearly five years since we had last seen each other and it would be interesting to see how much he had changed. I knew without a doubt he would still be as handsome as ever. I sighed nervously, and locked my car after getting out. I quickly checked out my appearance in my car window. Sooooo Classy...

I basically looked the same as I've always have. My hair was definitely longer though, but that was probably about it. This morning I had quickly put on a simple blue blouse and my nicest skinny jeans hoping I looked halfway decent. Marcus had left for work when I left and I was grateful for that. I really did not need him getting in my way again..

Maybe later.

I was really nervous and I had every right to be. Nathan used to be my best friend and it had been so long since I'd seen his boyish grin and heard his loud laugh.

I walked into the coffee shop and a huge grin spread across my face when I saw Nathan sitting near the front of the shop. He saw me and immediately stood up. Before I could speak I was enveloped into a tight hug. I tensed at first but relaxed quickly, my body remembering his warmth. He pulled back and smiled down at me.

"Well, well if it isn't my sweet Addison."

I blushed and scoffed, "Yeah, okay Nate. Hello to you too."

He laughed and I smiled warmly up at him. We sat down and ordered two coffees, Nathan grinning at me the whole time.

He leaned across the table and gave me his smile that made girls weak in the knees. "So, what have you been up to since we last saw each other? How long has it been again? You look amazing by the way."

I coughed at the last line, but quickly put a smirk on my face, "Five long years. Do I look that good since high school?"

He chuckled at the sarcasm in my voice, "Really Addison, you look beautiful. You always have."

I looked down and quickly changed the subject. I did not like the old pang that was forming in my chest. I had just stuffed it away forever and threw away the key and I did not need him opening it up again.

"So how was Tokyo? I saw that your Clothing really sold well there. I see your stuff all over the place now."

Nathan had left for Tokyo when his clothing designs/brand started sky rocketing all over the place. Some manager in Japan of some famous clothing store wanted him to come to Tokyo and start his business with him there, and sure enough his brand exploded making him very wealthy. I was devastated when he told me he was leaving but I didn't cry until I got home the day he left so he wouldn't think I cared.

He had a small smile on his face and I couldn't help but notice that his blonde hair was now shorter than it had been when I last saw him. His long wavy hair had been styled out of his face and I could clearly see that five years had done him well. His jaw was well defined and he was the definition of sexy.

I hoped he would answer my question quickly so my mind would stop its wandering.

He leaned back, "It was fascinating. An absolute dream. You will have to come with me sometime. You would love it!"

My eyes went wide. "Go there with you?"

He frowned and looked almost hurt, "You must not have thought of me as much as I thought of you when I was gone."


"No! Nathan that's not it at all! I was just a little shocked and wasn't expecting you to say that. I was the one who thought you had forgotten all about me!" I almost laughed at what I was saying. He really thought that I had just forgotten him. Was he crazy?

His face relaxed and he looked relieved, "Well that's very good then."

I smiled and reached over to squeeze his hand reassuringly. I went to pull away after a second but he held onto my hand.

I looked up at him in surprise and his face became serious. That's weird..

He looked as if he was having a hard time getting the right words out, "Addison, I know this may sound odd, and I know it has been years, but I haven't stopped thinking of you once. I know that our relationship has been strictly just friendly, but I have always felt a little more than that. In high school I was a cowardly boy and never knew how to confess my true feelings to you,but now I am here and telling you today, hoping and praying that it's not too late."

My mouth was hanging open. That was unexpected..

"U-um Nate, I-I don't know what to say I-"

"Just go on one date with me, and if you hate it and at the end, if you truly don't feel anything for me, I will give up. Just give me once chance to show you what I have felt for you all these years. I know I could make you happy." Nathan interrupted me, and thank goodness he did because I was too shocked to think of what to say.

Why hadn't he contacted me then if what he was really saying was true? All of this was becoming to much and I was still confused about where I stood with Marcus.

I had fallen for Marcus and was stuck on one sided love planet again... Only in that moment had I realized that Nathan was too late. Someone else had taken the key and opened up the box I had locked away for so long.

I took my hand away slowly, still afraid to hurt him. I really did care for Nathan so much. He used to be there for me all the time, but it had been too long since he had left, and so much had changed.

"Nathan, I'm sorry I just.." I stood up embarrassed, unable to tell Nathan why I couldn't return his feelings..


I cried out in shocked as I was pulled into somebody's chest and looked up to see Marcus's icy glare. Except the person he was glaring at wasn't me. I turned in Marcus's arms quickly and caught Nathan's face turn from surprise to anger. What the heck was Marcus doing here?

"Marcus, what are you-"

Marcus cut me off and said in a icy tone, "This woman can not accept your offer as she belongs to me..."

oh shit.

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