Chapter 12: Turmoil✔️

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My thoughts are growing dark

The more I think the more anger and doubt I feel, the more I start to feel caged, abandoned.

I rise from the bed, searching around for something to wear, for something to cover my nakedness with when suddenly I feel eyes on me.

"You have to admit. She is quite a lovely specimen." Nel is in the doorway, staring at me, a familiar bag in hand. 

"Yes, yes and she is also not yours and you are also not a free woman now are you?" Petra is giving her a dry glance of distaste, but I can see the amusement swirling in her gaze, just beneath the surface as she looks to her partner.

"Well I am still allowed to look aren't I?" Her beady eyes rake up and down my body and she laughs as I try to cover myself.

"We brought you this, though I'm not sure these silky dresses will do much good for you around here." Petra grabs the bag from Nel and throws it my way. I completely miss it, the bag falling through my fingers. I bend over, grabbing a blanket and immediately covering myself as I pour the bags contents on the ground.

I sift through the little clothing, searching for my necklace, for my other gift that I have yet to open, but so desperately want with me.

"You won't find them in there. My brother thought it best to keep your magyk items away from you until we get a better view of your motives." Petra is picking at her fingernails as they watch me desperately looking around.

"When will I get them back? When can I have my magyk back?" The loss of magyk starts to wear on you after a while. It starts to weaken your body, to weaken your mind. It's like a drug in that your body relies heavily on it and starts to go through withdrawals without its presence.

"In due time, dear. We will wait for you in the living area. Don't take too long. The bathing chamber is down the hall and to your left." Nel explains as Petra scoots her along, away from me, leaving me to my own.

I don't need to bathe, so I busy myself with dressing. I start off by unlinking the braids from the rings, pulling them out one at a time, placing them carefully on a dressing table near a window before pulling my hair to the side and braiding it loosely out of the way. 

A deep purple confection of a dress rests lightly around me and is easier to move around in than the others. The deep cut down the center barely covers my breasts and though I would feel comfortable wearing this at court, I feel troubled with the ample amount of skin that is on view for these Arradien people.

I make my way down the steps that are surprisingly a beautifully sanded and smooth surface until I'm standing in front of the two women.

The bird witches eyes are still staring and I look to Petra for help. "Do you have a knife?"

I know she does. I can see three on her belt, but she's speculative and calculating as she replies. "And what would you need a knife for, Imp?"

I hold out my dress. "I just want to cut some of the length away. Easier to move and all." I give a nervous smile and she pulls one from its sheath with a quick and practiced move. A move meant to strike her opponent dead in seconds.

She bends to her knees in front of me, placing the knife near my thighs, about to rip through over half the length. "Just at my knees would be fine." I rush out. I don't want so much leg to show.

She gives me an irritated glance as she moves down under my knees, ripping And cutting through my dress with quick strikes until I am free from the mass of fabric.

I pick up a few pieces that are leftover, wrapping and tying them around my chest, covering some of my skin a bit.

"Thank you."

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