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Ali stared through the darkened truck at the eyes of the immigrants who had boarded three hours ago. Upon meeting his gaze, they would turn away quickly, as if aware of who he and his companion were and what they were doing there. He had met Maher only the day before, and though they seemed to agree that what they were doing was the will of Allah, Ali wasn’t entirely convinced of Maher’s loyalty. He would have to earn a place in Ali’s trust.

The transportation of the southern border into Texas, had been arranged through men who claimed to be the best coyotes in Mexico. They bragged about their experience in getting people across the US border without attracting attention. $8000 per head was a hefty sum, and Ali trusted no one, especially the infidels.

The truck sped across the dry riverbed road with no lights, on this night of the new moon, no one would see their approach. The drivers would give the signal when they had crossed over. The goal was to reach the middle of a farmer’s field ten miles into Texas. The instructions were clear, three sharp raps on the wall panel in the truck meant they were in America. Two sharp raps meant they’d been spotted and everyone should scatter. Every face Ali saw seemed to be expecting the two raps, as if they had tried this once before and failed, in all likelihood, they had. The young pregnant lady cowered in the corner with her husband and young daughter. A middle aged gentleman tried not to stare too long at anyone. The rest seemed to be in their mid-20’s, all looking to escape the economic devastation that was Mexico.

The truck lurched up and over unseen immovable boulders. Some of the smaller passengers bounced off their seats and came crashing down in the bed of the truck. Aside from the grunt of pain in landing there was no sound, no scream from the injured. The only sound heard was the muffled squeal of the shocks at each bump.

Ali went over the plan in his head, a plan in place for years and only now coming to fruition, when the Americans had given up looking for conspiracies born in Islam in the name of political correctness. He stirred and eyed the young girl sleeping in her mother’s arms, Allah’s work came with some distasteful tasks, but it was all for the greater good.

The raps came quickly.



There was a pause and the occupants started to bolt for the exit when the third rap came. They were in America. They breathed a collective sigh of relief and waited for the final stop that would place them in the US.

Maher glanced at Ali and nodded. Ali returned the gesture and both men reached into their coats for the daggers they had hidden from the coyotes. Ali turned and smiled at the young man next to him, who was happy to know he was in America now. The young man nervously returned Ali’s smile, but never saw the blade that slit his throat. Maher moved much more quickly than Ali did and within a minute, they were the only passengers still alive.

It was the darkness that aided them, no one saw the attack coming. No one saw them move about slicing, stabbing and killing each one. The pregnant lady gurgled once but her husband was dead before he could respond. The little girl was easy, she was sleeping on her mother’s lap and would simply never awaken.

They would wait now. The coyotes would come around back to release them, and they too would have to die. Ali knew that they carried at least half of the money with them, and that money would come in handy. He would meet the rest of his team in a matter of days at the target location. They would teach the infidels a lesson.

They would strike fear in the hearts of the Americans. In less than two weeks, the Perfect Day would begin. What better place for it to start than in Orlando, Florida?

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