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Quickly, before you start reading, I want you to know that I wrote this when I was thirteen years old, and now at sixteen, I realise how childish and foolish it is. Read at own risk. Please excuse my immaturity. If you for some reason like my writing style, my more recent work, which I believe is much better, is on my new account @llamawithabanjo thank you.

*none of these characters are based on real people, any namely coincidences are just that - coincidences*

*EDITED* (thank god, she finally edited it) - (Don't lie, you are really thinking that!)

That's it! I can't stand it anymore! All I ever do is fall for Jerks, I mean they should just name me Penny the queen of jerks. I mean it, all guys seem nice until you find out what they are really like.

Let me tell you, Lisa says that I should just try to fall for a nicer guy, but that is way harder than it sounds. I don't know what in the world makes me attracted to them.

I mean, I don't know whether it's their cockiness, their vanity or the fact that their egos are bigger than the empire state building.

I decided to think over the guys I had fallen for.

Ross - Oh those gorgeous grey blue eyes. This one sure was a looker. Real tall too. Too bad, as soon as you turned your back, he would have gone off and forgotten all about you, especially when a short skirt passed him. What a jerk.

Marcus - Blue eyed blond haired. Sex god. The literary guy, pretty smart, you never know who he really is until he leaves you to go chase after sluts, what a jerk.

Anthony - Blue eyes. The joker, you think he's an okay guy, he's got those constantly smiling eyes, until he decides to make friends with jerk 2. He goes out of his way to impress jerk two, in my book, that's pathetic. He chases sluts too, welcome to the family of Jerks. What a jerk.

The similarities I figured were that they all had blue eyes, of different hues, and, that they all chased sluts. My love life truly was pathetic.

So anyway, it's not that I'm a bad kid or anything, I just fall for the wrong guys, do you know how impossible it is to fall for the right guy? There's a new guy coming into out senior class tomorrow, maybe this could be my chance to lose the jerk syndrome and find someone nice enough.

Pshaww! Yeah right. I am pathetic.



This is just and intro to the story. The real story starts next chapter where there is dialogue and stuff.

This is kind of a need to know/blurb type thing.

Yes, I did edit it. I hope it is better.