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Basically whenever I have something to tell you guys I will post it here !

- Love, Katarina[:!

Announcement 1 :

I'm going to be starting Part 2 of The Game :D ! I'm really excited because you guys have been asking me to do this for a while. However, I don't know what should happen in this new book /: . So! I want you guys to leave comments on ideas. I'll dedicate a chapter of any book you wish for just leaving me a comment or if you guys PM the first chapter of this book I will :

1. Make a cover for any book you want[:

2. Fan you.

3. Vote on any and all chapters of your book that you want me to :D.

And if I use your idea or chapter I will :

1. Do everything above .

2. Make you co - editer of this book :D !

3. Edit any books or chapters that you would like me too.

4. Give you a sneak peak to every chapter in this book as it is written :D !

I just really need some ideas you guys and I thought by doing this stuff for you it would make you really happy and it would get me some ideas! Love you <3!

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