The Black Heart of a Queen, Tied to The Black Roses ~Part 3~

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Soon after the Cheshire Cat vanished leaving Rix and I at the front gates of the Red Queen's wasteland of a Castle. Rix somehow seemed pleased at the thought of her mother coming to a possible demise. The idea that her mother may have been suffering had brought a small smile to her face. She seems to have some serious family issues, maybe she's just as mad as everyone else here.  I noticed that Rix summoned her keyblade Lady Luck.

            "We might want to be prepared for a fight," Rix cautioned. I nodded and summoned both my keyblades Two Across and my newest one Lost Memory. "Oh yeah...I heard you had two now. You must be pretty special if you can wield two."

            We began to walk through the dead, confusing maze. We were cautious as we started walking through. As we did I took in the scenery, there were also dead plants and small animals on the ground, looking more hopeless than anything I've ever seen before.  We came to a small opening that went in four different directions.

            "I hope you still remember your way around here, don't you Rix?" I asked her. "I mean, you did used to live here..."

            "Well yeah, but it didn't look like this. But I should at least be able to get us through here still."

            "If you say so. So, where should we go?"

            "Uhh," she looked around and down all four paths. "Let's try that one," she said pointing to the path furthest to the left. We both went down the path furthest to the left, hoping it would be the right path. As we walked on, everything seemed quiet. "Well...looks like things are good so far.."

            "Yeah...but its too quiet....something doesn't feel right." It seemed that right when I said that we heard some odd moaning and groaning.

            "What was that...?" Then beings that looked like cards came out of the bushes with weapons like staffs and knives. "It's my mom's card doesn't look like they've been treated well."

            These card servants looked as dead as the maze and the ground. They looked like they had no sense of anything or even who Rix was. They kind of looked like they could be the walking dead. Is it possible they lost their hearts and it just effected them in a different way? It was like they had completely lost their minds and had indeed gone mad, as the Cheshire Cat said.  They groaned as they came toward us.

            Rix and I both charged at them and began swinging almost knocking them out instantly. As those three fell four more came walking out the bushes, armed. We fought them off, knocking their weapons from their hands, and blasting to the ground with magic. While Rix was fighting a group of them I was also fighting a group of my own.

            "Ya know, these things are getting annoying I never really liked them much," she said as she knocked one down.

            "Yeah, you're telling me. They just won't give it a rest." I then heard a swoosh sound run behind me. I saw that Rix used her keyblade like a boomerang to knock down a card servant that was coming behind me. "Thanks."

            We both walked back towards  each other and stood back to back as the large amount of card servants started to close in around us. "We need to do something to hold them off, so we can get out of here," Rix said.

            "Yeah...because this obviously isn't the right path."

            "Hey! I tried alright. Its been a while since I've been, and besides its not like my mom did such a good job at keeping the place up either."

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