9: The One Condition

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you feel like worrying,
try praying instead.
Worrying only creates more stress,
but prayer creates more peace.
God is greater than whatever
ever you are stressing out"
-Dave Willis.org


Words used: 1951

"Aunty! " they yell. While I stare blankly at the room. There were feathers and cotton sponges which were piled up while cleaning. But the room was still a mess. The pillows had become pillow sheets. Damn. Mom makes her graceful presence into the room.

"Ya Allah (oh God), what were you girls doing? " mom asks horrified her hand over her chest.

"It was me mom" I say head down, feeling sorry. As it was my idea. Even my insides were scolding me, you always create the bigger mess!! Careless girl!

"Nooo, liar don't be a hero" Saira says making faces at me.

"We all did this aunty" she says softly turning all innocent.

Even at a time like they can't be serious!!

"Please please aunty don't say to our mothers, please" Naila pleads.

And she's worried what her mom will say! Hello, I'm also there!! Save me first!

"She will not allow us to visit here again aunty, we have soo much fun here" Maira complains.

You also!?

"Aunty your food also ... I'll miss it" Saira says.

Whhaaaat!? Are you SeRioUS!?

Mom turns to us.

Time for the punishment darling! My mind comments sarcastically.

"On one condition" she says narrowing her eyes at each of us. Never in my life have I ever liked a three-word sentence coming from my mum except an 'I love you'.

"Wha-at? " We all ask hesitantly with troubled faces. I could actually hear each one of us gulping with the tension that was filling up in the room.

Just hope its all good. Gulp

"I..... want these pillows back to life.... as it was... stitched and fluffy" mom says.

I had to balance myself from collapsing flat on my bed from the instant relief that downed me. Phew... Seeing my friends I could say they shared the same feeling... We all look at each other making a silent agreement on the one condition that had many products in it.

"Okay, we'll do it" I say looking at her and mouthing sorry. She gave that glance of acceptance which I caught because of the mother-daughter-telepathic relationship.

"Good.. when you get finished inform me" she says. Even though mom gave us this condition she would never say it to their mothers no matter what, I was sure about that. She loved guests and being a host, it was one thing she enjoyed while I hated it with passion unless they were my own friends.

"I have a surprise for you" she says turning back as if recalling something then looking at Naila.

"But I'll.. say after you all finish this" she says pointing at the pillows.

"Sure aunty" Saira says cheerfully.

Yeah... Coz you only worry about food!!

"Nooo, what's the surprise mom? Please say it now, pleeease" I ask curiously.

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