chapter 12

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After a tearful goodbye Diana was ready to embrace the upcoming events with a new found confidence. She fell into steps with Nikos towards the awaiting car pulled outside her parent's house. His driver and bodyguards patiently waited for them.

The whole ride was mundane with Nikos engrossed in work and Diana admiring the scenery that passed by the running car. Soon they reached the airport where Nikos's jet stood proud awaiting for their return.

"Please tie your seatbelts. The plane is ready for taxis." The air hostess's soft voice boomed in the compartment via microphone.

Nikos reached out and strapped Diana safely to her seat and imitated the gesture.

As soon as they were in air, without a second thought Nikos hurriedly undid her seatbelt,  scooping her into his arms he carried a baffled Diana into a cabin.

Once inside he put her down. Grabbing her neck he brought her close and plastered his lips onto hers, the pull strong enough that she stumbled onto him, her heaving breasts pressing against his chest.


"What are you doing to me?" He asked.

His kisses became more rough and dominant. Diana didn't know whether she should push him or take whatever he had planned for her.

His hands quickly unzipped her dress and gracefully pulled it out of her small form. Soon every bit of their clothing followed suit. Nikos laid her down in the bed and covered her body with his. Within a flick he entered her.

Diana openly embraced him, her soul welcomed his. She finally seemed to acknowledge that no matter what she would gladly endure any pain to be with him. She loved him...unconditionally. She wanted to express her emotions but feared his rejection.

She was weak...weak because though knowing his plan of revenge she couldn't bring herself to hate him. She knew that she would let him do anything to her even if it hurt her only to see a smile grace his lips.

A single drop rolled down her eyes. Finally she was complete, she was his in every sense...heart, body, soul.

"I have questions that need answers." She voiced.

Nikos was buttoning up his shirt when he heard her inaudible whisper. He turned around and saw her flushed form sitting in the bed clutching the duvet to her chest. She looked beautiful.

Sighing he went back to the work at hand.

"I know." His voice was slow and calm.

Diana's heart thumped wildly.

"That woman at the party was my former mistress." He said.

Tears gathered in her eyes after his revelation.

"Don't worry. It was my past. You are my future and I take my vows seriously." He said setting up his collars.

His words soothed her falling heart.

"Freshen up. The plane is to land in 30 minutes." With that said he got out of the cabin.

Days followed suit with Nikos immersed in his work and Diana locked up in the mansion. She had nothing to do, however she loved gardening and provided a helping hand in spite of the gardener's reluctance to let her work.

Her new friend fluffy helped her to forget her sorrows. She was ecstatic to know about the new bond formed in between Nikos and the dog while she was away. Nikos clarified that her absence led them bear each other's presence.

Usually Nikos had various business meetings, so most of the time he was out of the country.

Diana was reading a novel as she laid on her stomach on the sofa. Fluffy was messing around the room opting various methods to seek her attention. She knew about his tactic but kept her eyes solely focused in the novel ignoring his pouty face.

She heard the sound of chopper. Nikos was here. A few minutes later she heard the bedroom door open , his light footfalls gained her attention.

"You are home." She exclaimed but didn't turn around.

"Yes. Finally." He sat beside her and slowly massaged her back. She was wearing a red bikini. With a swift tug he undid the strings and let the bikini top fall on the floor.

"How was your day?" He questioned.

"Normal." She shrugged.

He hummed at her response. Getting up he scooped fluffy in his arms and dumped him outside the room.

"As much as I have started to like him, he still is not allowed inside the bedroom."

Diana laughed hearing fluffy's angry barks directed at Nikos from inside the room, that creature couldn't endure else's presence near her. She could hear him scratching the door to get inside.

Nikos happily clapped his hands, he reached out for her and with deftness pulled her towards him.

"Oh! how much I have missed you." Her breath came out in pants, his palm lay flat on her creamy stomach pushing her into him to meet his hardened groin, his eyes rested on the creamy swells of her chest.

Nikos quickly latched his mouth on her breasts, she trembled in his hold with the sudden assault. He let go of the nipples and stepped back along with her till her knees hit the bed. With a gentle push he made her lie on the silk sheets.

Next he slowly undid his shirt's button, all the while keeping his eyes fixed on hers.

Diana quivered under his watchful gaze. Her insides danced on the tune of anticipation. He accompanied her in the bed after removing all obstacles on his body, his kisses were fervent while his hands roamed sensually all over her petite form.

He moved down her lightly kissing her lips, his bites were soft but fruitful. He dropped tender kisses to the valley between her breasts to her stomach where he licked around the navel in a circular pattern making her whimper.

For the first time Diana watched her husband  go down on her. He nipped and licked. Her hands gripped his head to stop or to encourage she didn't know. She exploded.

"I love you."  She declared ,her emotions in haywire and mind hazy with their love making.

He stopped, his lack of response made her to look at him. He just shook his head, his eyes not leaving hers. He got up and started collecting his clothes scattered on the floor.

"Do not misunderstand pleasure for love. I don't do love."


"No. Don't give me that crap. I had loved once and the betrayal cut deep through my heart." He took a long breath and continued, " You are biased. This is just sexual pleasure." He rushed out of the room leaving a crying Diana alone in bed.

For the very first time the pair slept alone in different rooms.

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