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Well. . . more words! and if anyone has any words that they would like to see in this book, message me and you will a dedication if the word is cool!!!!!

Gardyloo! A warning shouted before pouring water on someones head.

Can you imagine a dare to pour water on someones head and you shouting out GARDYLOO! 

Hoosegow A jail or prison

Wouldn't a jail or prison have to have a bad and meanicing name? I don't think hoosegow is. . . 

Lollygag To lag or fall behind

I wouldn't like to lollygag behind people who have lollies with them!

Ocoephalus An egghead

Just an egghead. That's all

Snickersnee A long knife

My friend likes knives. I do too. But it's sad when people say their scared of knives. I bet they hurt the knives feelings. . . 

U KNOW WHAT????????

I'm kinds getting bored with just putting random words into this story book whatever you want to call it. So i want YOUR opinions about me trying to continue this book/story and just trying to make up very short stories that will have more funny words in them!

So what do you say?

Comment- fan- follow- vote maybe?

come on.

be nice.

follow fan vote and comment on my question about me doing short stories with these words in them!



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